Environmental bonus: BMW extended up to 31.12., also for Euro 5 Diesel

For all German car buyers who want to purchase a new BMW and at the same time an “old” Diesel Car is in payment, there is good news from Munich: BMW will extend the actually, at the end of June, which expired action, the environmental premium and wants to put the funding in the amount of up to 2,000 Euro continues to be the impetus for a rejuvenation of the German passenger Car fleet. The environmental bonus aims to draw older Diesel Cars out of the traffic and to provide a lower exhaust stress, and, ultimately, improved air quality in cities.

A significant change to the existing environmental bonus is that from now on, the sale of Euro 5 Diesel for the receipt of the premium entitled to. So, the environmental premium is for tens of thousands of people in a tangible, whose car was “too new”: In the previous regulation, a Euro-4 had to be logged out of Diesel (or older), which is why all the owner of a Euro 5 Diesel scrappage-eligible.

A prerequisite for the payment of the environmental premium for the acquisition of a BMW, not launching, according to the NEDC of more than 130 grams of CO2 per Kilometer. Up to € 2,000 eco-bonus, there are, if the customer decides to purchase a new car, at least 1,500 Euro environmental bonus pays, BMW Used for the acquisition of a demonstration car, or young.

The list of BMW Cars with CO2 emissions of under 130 grams of is very long and vehicles consists of different vehicle classes. Starting from the i3 and i8 to the BMW 740e iPerformance are found almost in all series models, with a correspondingly low emissions. Whether town car, family Van, a convertible or a BMW 5-series Touring – the environmental bonus works almost everywhere. Only in the case of the X-models, buyers are not limited to the two entry-level series X1 and X2, the larger SUV’s make it under the 130 gram mark.

The environmental bonus of BMW is not with the state environmental bonus, to be confused. The latter, in addition, if the customer chooses to use a qualified electric car or a Plug-in Hybrid. Together with the environmental premium, the BMW i3 can get buyer so a total of up to 6,000 euros in funding if they meet the requirements of both actions.

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