FF retro fitting BMW M4 CS convertible: Open for fast drivers

If a convertible is the speech, hulls, many avid fast driver, almost reflex-like nose. Most of the copies are nice for sun-worshippers and flirt artist, the question of serious driving dynamics you will need to swipe but sooner or later the sails. Especially the higher weight and which, in General, noticeably inferior torsional stiffness provide for disadvantages compared to permanent closed cars, which is why sport riders tend to prefer different body shapes.

It is not surprising, therefore, that it have only brought two of the three body variants of the current Generation of M3 and M4 to a CS variant. For a BMW M4 CS convertible has been seen in Garching, apparently, no need – although there are of course among the drivers of the folding roof convertible great driving dynamics-lovers, the search for an optimal combination of best possible driving dynamics on the one hand, but on the other hand, the unfiltered Sound in the ears, and stormy Wind in the hair. The solution for all, who waited at the factory in vain for such a vehicle, the BMW M4 CS convertible conversion of the FF retro fittings.

For the hoped-for increase in Performance FF retro fittings has upgraded the BMW M4 convertible with numerous components that were originally developed for the BMW M4 CS coupe. Especially the eye-catching front splitter and the 25 per cent lighter Carbon bonnet, but also the exclusive OLED-tail-lights have found their way to the M4 convertible, and make it clear that here is no ordinary F83 is on the way.

For visibly more dynamics, and dark accents three ingredients from the BMW M Performance Tuning also-program: exterior mirror caps in Carbon, 19-inch light-alloy wheels in a Design Y-spoke 763 M and black kidneys are in sharp contrast to the paintwork in mineral white Metallic.

Suitable for tighter optics FF retro fittings has refined the technology of the BMW M4 CS convertible: Eventuri Kit made of Carbon improves the oxygen supply of the S55 engine, which is helped with a characteristic optimization, in addition to the jumps. 510 HP and 680 Newton meters of maximum torque to be sent to the double-Tuning measure to the rear wheels, and can be particularly effectively turns in advance because FF retro fittings, the Software measures of the M4 GTS in the F83: 7-speed DCT, DSC, and the electronically controlled M differential works with the Motorsport-related tuning of the Top M4.

Whether with the roof open or closed metal folding roof, in the interior of the BMW M4 CS convertible conversion, there is a lot to discover. The recently, for all M-models the typical start button in vibrant Red, will make interior and Panels made of Carbon, combined, in the area of the center console, a variety of Alcantara-elements can also be used.

A total of around 25,000 Euro in the Tuning tag that guides the BMW M4 convertible is the Performance and the Look of the M4 CS plug in. The power increase to 510 HP, which trumps even the M4 GTS, and at any time more than sufficient thrust is guaranteed.

(Photos: Phil Bandow)

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