Goodwood FOS 2018: BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept

A very special BMW M2, the M Performance Parts coming to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018. Official BMW M Performance Parts Concept called M2 in Frozen Black is supposed to show how strong the focus of a vehicle with the help of the BMW M Performance Tuning-components later in the direction of motorsports moving. Also, if the base is in the Form of a BMW M2 F87 anything other than unsportsmanlike, the compact athlete by the athletic accessory to a real track tool.

More than 60 kilograms of weight can be saved by the use of Tuning Parts made of Carbon, in addition to optimized aerodynamics. The BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept does not, therefore, contributes only its Individual paint finish in Frozen Black, but also its M Performance foiling in Gold with Pride and self-confidence. To many more or less subtle Bodies thin Gold stripes set striking accents to the matte black finish and point to the various changes in comparison to the series.

With Gold, among other things, the Carbon bonnet, Carbon roof, Carbon-fibre rear lid with integrated rear spoiler, Carbon diffuser, Carbon be stressed kidney, and of course, also made of Carbon-made aerodynamic Winglets for the front bumper. Also in Gold, the alloy wheels of the BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept, which will present the Motorsport Fans at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is also dynamic: The vehicle, the present-day mountain race at the Start and shows what it is able to Shine.

The Performance also has many components contribute then not to recognize at first glance. Behind the wheels, a coilover suspension, which ensures a lowering by 20 millimeters. The 12-way adjustable train – and even 16-way adjustable pressure level allows an optimal Setup for each track, also for the short course in Goodwood. Completely invisible, the modified battery, as compared to the series alone, 14 kilograms of one part.

In the interior Details, sport seats for driver and front passenger in addition to lots of Alcantara, together for 13 kilograms less weight. It is clear that the interior, despite the Motorsport focus can remain fully in everyday use – the back seat is unchanged and usable, and the Installation of an additional cage has also been omitted.

Even if not all the concepts will find the path in the price list, many of the components shown in the show cars for every BMW M2. Since recently includes the factory Tuning program also numerous body components made from Carbon fiber, which weight, together, noticeably lowering.

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