June 2018: BMW, Mercedes in the U.S. market behind

Even if one or the other question mark over the relations of the German car floats Bauer to the USA, could the BMW outperform in the first half of the year, and in June of 2018, the high level of the previous year. With a paragraph of 29.407 vehicles of the core brand, BMW, the June 2018 was at least 1.5 per cent better than that of the previous year. The same MINI can’t claim that there 4.146 vehicles sold correspond to a decline of 6.0 percent. For the BMW Group, a minimal increase of 0.5 percent to 33.553 units.

Responsible for the growth in the BMW X-models, which again showed significant growth were, as so often. No Surprise that the BMW X3 G01 the main role of The just introduced and we have already driven the BMW X4 G02 is not in the sale, the same is true for the new BMW X5 G05 and the third Generation of the BMW X6 follows in the next year. This year comes with the BMW X7 (for Pre-ride report) is another large, X-model, the US-market customers.

More significantly, the importance of X-models in the US market, if you look at the passenger Cars series counted models X1 and X2. Although the X1 with 3.024 units did not quite reach the high level of the previous year, he is one of the four main passenger-Car model series of the brand. And without the 2,150 units in the previous year still not sold, the BMW X2, the Minus the Car would have been series much larger.

How strong is the BMW US Pay in June 2018 are in spite of everything, shows a comparison with the main competitors. Mercedes-Benz sold in June 26.191 Car and 2.808 Sprinter and 126 Smart. Even including Vans and small cars, the Swabians are behind the sales of the core BMW brand, would have the same viewing still 4.146 MINI be counted. Audi USA sold in June 19.471 units and is therefore still well behind BMW and Mercedes.

In the previous full year, the BMW Group comes with its core brand on a U.S. sales of 153.386 units (+2,9%), with the addition of 22.636 MINI (+1,9%). Mercedes after six months, in the case of 158.848 Premium passenger Cars (-1.9%), in 16.910 Sprinter commercial vehicles (+7.0%) and 650 Smart (-67,2%). Audi follows with a large gap, and so far 107.942 units (+4,8%).

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by : klonr.com