Manhart MH5 700: BMW M5 F90 Tuning brings over 700 HP

The new BMW M5 F90 is not one of the cars, which one would, in General, a lack of performance. 600 HP and the ability to accelerate in just 3.4 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h, sound for the majority of motorists after the acute phase of Tuning needed, but Manhart Performance of the property, plant, and estimates the location obviously different. With the new Manhart MH5 700, the Tuning professionals from Wuppertal to the already impressive series of clear, once again, in the shadows, and provide another example of the old wisdom, after you can actually never have enough power.

Specifically, Manhart Performance promises to be full 723 HP for the BMW M5 F90 and sends the Power-sedan this will be the final in the Terrain designated super athletes. Already serially impressed with the new M5, with lap times on Ferrari 458 level, the Tuner will give, therefore, but not satisfied. And what for the Tuner, also applies to the M GmbH In the Form of the approaching BMW M5 Competition is the first sharpened Performance variant of the F90 already on the way, although the 600-HP entry-level model only a few months before its market launch is celebrated.

However, while it leaves power increase from 625 HP, the BMW M5 Competition in a fashion that can be in the case of the Manhart MH5 700 of moderate. The 4.4-litre Biturbo-V8 from Garching receives in Wuppertal, a MHtronik additional ECU, which provides a Performance jump in an impressive 723 HP and 870 lb-ft of torque. Not expressed even if Manhart officially the driving performance, one thing is perfectly clear: The 3-second mark is shaking! And of course, the 723 HP Limousine los in the three-digit speed area and will make the usual intermediate sprints on the highway even more of an impression than a series F90.

In addition to the performance improvement Manhart offers for his MH5 700 is a stainless steel exhaust system with Carbon tailpipe trim, to ensure a considerably louder Sound. At the push of a button, however, the Comfort mode is activated, the increasing social impact and to make the MH5 also in everyday life, a pleasant companion. Thread springs from KW to bring the BMW M5 F90 front and rear 20 mm closer to the Asphalt, what is the 21-inch sets of alloy wheels even better in the scene.

Both the aerodynamics as well as the sporty appearance of the sedan to benefit from the Manhart Carbon fiber exterior package. Front lip, diffuser and Spoiler lip on the trunk-hood are made from Carbon, emphasise the sporty character visually and provide additional downforce at the front and rear. Additional attention will soon attract the Manhart Carbon fiber bonnet / hood for the M5 F90, this component is currently still in development.

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