MINI E 2019: First Design Details of the electric MINI revealed

On the way to the series production of the MINI E in 2019, the English first Design, have confirmed Details officially. Two sketches show, therefore, the final Design of the “grille” on the Front, which is attracted by the full-width of a horizontal double-stripe in eye-catching Yellow, as well as asymmetric and therefore very cool Look of the rims. Both elements should contribute to the MINI-E, at first glance, as the electric car is recognizable, even though his basic form of language close to the current MINI three-door F56 LCI – oriented.

The most interesting question around the MINI E, however, remains so far unanswered: How big is the battery-pack is that BMW equipped the new electro-Englishman? Dare to Munich to make your own BMW i3 is a serious competition in terms of electric city runabout? Probably it will hardly go otherwise, because of course there are in addition to the i3, even some of the other competitors, and it would not be advisable to weaken the new MINI E, out of consideration for the i3 is unnecessary.

Even if there has been no official statements on the range, we may assume, therefore, a practical range of over 150 kilometers. Since the target group of the MINI-E is urban, and the topic of overland travel plays an even lesser role than for most i3 customers would be a little less range than the i3 is quite acceptable.

Significantly less issues there are currently, for the production of the electric MINI. Officially, it is already confirmed that the MINI E will be built from 2019, at plant Oxford. A little later also the production in China start, what is BMW a Joint Venture with Great Wall Motor founded.

Oliver Heilmer (head of MINI Design): “MINI is an urban brand, the purely electric MINI is the next logical step in the future. With the first sketches, we show how, for us, authentic Design looks like, which biases the arc of the Tradition of the brand in your electrical future.”

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