MINI model of nursing in 2018: the OPF for all of DKG for many gasoline

The BMW subsidiary MINI is upgrading technically and brings your gasoline in the course of the model care measures in July 2018. To be able to meet the new requirements of the WLTP cycle and the emission measurements during the cruise (S) meet, get all the petrol variants of the MINI 3-door F56, MINI 5-door F55 MINI convertible F57, MINI Clubman F54 and MINI Countryman F60 starting in July 2018, a gasoline particulate filter. The also be found in various BMW models and used three-cylinder B38 and four-cylinder B48 to meet the emission standard Euro-6d-TEMP.

A change, also in the case of the automatic Transmissions offered as an Alternative to continue to be the standard manual transmission. From July 2018, the well-developed gasoline engines of the MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman with 7-speed DCT available. The other models already a couple of months ago, introduced Steptronic transmission with double clutch offers not only advantages in the case of the switching times, but also the emission behavior. For the Cooper S models, the 7-speed Steptronic Sport is also a transmission available, which can be used via paddle shifters on the steering Wheel.

In the MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman will be built starting in July 2018 in addition, the automatic driving light control as standard. In automatic mode, the light will be adjusted without the driver’s Intervention to the prevailing light conditions.

For the MINI Countryman and Clubman Diesel models were already in March 2018, a comprehensive Update that has reduced the emissions significantly. Diesel particulate filter, NOx storage catalyst and an SCR catalyst with AdBlue injection to work Hand-in-Hand to make the exhaust as clean as possible.

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