Premium sales of 1. Half of the year 2018: Mercedes is clearly in front of BMW

Reversal of the June 2018, a trend for BMW? At least you should hope that in Munich, because when you look at the Numbers for the entire 1. Half of 2018, could be reduced in size, the residue on Mercedes no – instead, the Numbers show that Stuttgart were able to increase their lead in sales in the first six months. While the Munich-based increased in comparison to the prior year period to approximately 21,000 vehicles to Mercedes to around 44,000 units.

The continued relatively strong growth at Mercedes leads to the fact that Stuttgart were able to more than offset the decline in Smart and in a further discipline to overtake: Adding up the sales figures of BMW and MINI, and the common Figures of Mercedes-Benz and Smart, are now the Stuttgart-based front – wafer-thin, but certainly not to the delight of the sales leaders in the Munich four-cylinder.

At least as of June of 2018 can apply, because at the conclusion of the 1. Half of the year 2018 could back BMW with 200.610 vehicles of the core brand, close to Mercedes: The Stuttgart sold 203.783 units and were not able to keep their previous year’s level. It also compares the brands Smart and Mercedes, there is a clear advantage of 238.920 to 216.980 units for the BMW Group.

In the next few months, BMW will bring a whole range of new products, which could have a strong impact on album sales. Are you going to start these days with the BMW X4 G02, also in this year, the BMW 8er coupe, the BMW Z4 Roadster and the all-new BMW X5 G05. Beginning in 2019, it continues with the BMW X7, G07 , and, of course, the new BMW 3-series G20, the Touring G21 to the side. Also, the new BMW X6 G06 is already in the starting holes. What this news also: A relevant part of the BMW model range is currently in the late autumn of its life cycle, what leads to slightly lower sales.

Nevertheless, it is unclear how the global sales in the next few months may develop – not just BMW, but all car manufacturers, the sword of Damocles of a trade conflict, the impact of which cannot currently be estimated, no one seriously floats.

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