Prior to the DTM-guest-start: Alex Zanardi scattered security concerns

In an Interview with BMW Motorsport, the Italian athlete Alex Zanardi explains why he sees in spite of disability and increased risk for his safety in the DTM. The former formula 1 driver and long-standing BMW brand Ambassador had lost after a serious accident at the lausitzring in both legs, but do not be discouraged and instead, together with BMW solutions found, in order to continue actively to participate in races.

A special Highlight on his return to Motorsport will be a guest start in the DTM 2018 in Misano. Alex Zanardi is sitting at the wheel of a BMW M4 DTM, and the specially converted vehicle to move in one of the most challenging and closest racing series in the world. Why is he driving without a leg prostheses, and whether security risks are derived, is defined in the following Interview.

Alex, why is it more comfortable for you to ride without a prosthesis?
Alessandro Zanardi: “the reason lies in The technical functioning of the prosthesis. You’re stuck thanks to a kind of vacuum effect, and this, of course, no Transpiration. But the limbs are the ‘cooling’ of our body. Through the circulation of the blood through our limbs, our body temperature is lowered – with dentures so I’m practically like a Motor without cooling. This doesn’t exactly help when you’re sitting in the Cockpit of a racing car, where temperatures often rise above a tolerable limit. As we have made it our thoughts on the project Daytona 2019, I said to the engineers that this was the major Change that we should try. And when I got the offer to ride in Misano DTM, we had already done enough preparatory work, and made such progress, that I think that I To could help without prostheses, potentially, also in terms of Performance. The benefits that it brings to me, physically, with each round is greater. You can’t imagine the difference. Therefore, I am sure that it is also for the two-hour race with the BMW M4 DTM in Misano is the better Option.“

So far, they are run like any other driver to the car and got in. How are you going to come out without prosthetic leg into the car?
Zanardi: “The getting into the car is no Problem at all – quite the opposite, as I when to get in and out without prostheses significantly more agile’m with. It is ten times easier for me. My prosthetic legs serve only as a kind of support, not for anything else. I must draw on the strength of my arms in the car, and need the poor to have the weight to pull my body up. Without prostheses, nothing hinders me, so in the movement, and I also have to lift less weight. Therefore, I am much more agile. The Plan is that I drive my wheelchair to the car and then into the Cockpit to get in the van. Same then when you get Off. And for the case that I stay on the track and quickly out of the car: The looks, maybe for observers not so beautiful, but I assure you that I can run on Grass or gravel on my arms already faster than on my artificial legs.“

Since you are without dentures more agile, would have to be the salvage in the event of an accident, even easier than in the past?
Zanardi: “Exactly. So that was never a reason for concern. Not for me and not for the people who have known me for a Long time.“

Let us imagine the case that you are stuck with the car in the gravel bed: get out and simply run away to your arms from the car?
Zanardi: “Yes. Like I said, it’s not necessarily great, if someone runs. But the fact is that it is for me without a prosthesis would be easier for me from the car, as with, especially in the gravel. I made this experience already. I have managed, somehow, to run with prostheses and without my sticks through the gravel bed, but it was not easy. And the probability that I put a foot wrong and falls is greater. While a fall wouldn’t be dangerous for me – I have a lot of experience in the ‘Fall’ – but of course I would be in my motion from the car way slower.
Therefore it is also from this point of view, the better Option. This does not mean that it would be unsafe, should I ever decide to ride again with prostheses. It is clear that we have made on all aspects in the Detail thoughts, because we wanted to address in terms of security, there is no risk – neither for me, nor for BMW or for others. If you do something at such a high level, you need to simply illuminate the issue of safety very carefully. And we would tackle this new adventure, if we had the feeling that we are in this field have covered all aspects.“

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