Speed Buster BMW M5 F90: Chip-Tuning to bring 747 HP

With a considerable power increase for the BMW M5 F90 Speed-Buster draws attention to itself. No less than 747 HP promise the Chip Tuning professionals from Sinzig for the 4.4-Liter Biturbo-V8 of the Power-sedan, the already from the factory with 600 HP and 750 Newton-metres at the Start and the desire for even more power, actually, not immediately letting.

The presented Tuning program relies on practically no change in Hardware, only the Speed-Buster Chiptuning-Box and a matching wiring harness will be needed. The new Software promises to Speed-Buster of a performance boost to 147 PS and an increase of the maximum torque to 125 and 875 Newton meters. At the same time, you should run the engine up to 15 percent more efficient.

Thus, the Motor will not be charged in connection to the Tuning unnecessarily, Speed-Buster incorporates a Warm-up Timer in the Chiptuning Software: The full 747 HP can only be obtained when all the liquids have reached their recommended operating temperature and fully ready to use. A extra charge is included with the engine warranty for three years, underlines that it has in Speed-Buster not to Worry about the reliability and durability of the eight-cylinder engine.

Information on the resulting driving performance is not Speed-Buster, thanks to the all-wheel drive M xDrive a sovereign implementation of the existing engine power into propulsion is ensured at any time. In the price of 999 euros, the required wiring harness and the three year warranty are in addition to the Tuning Box.

For the price of 179 or 229 Euro for the GP1 pedal box or the GP1 PedalApp are also available, with the help of the accelerator pedal characteristic can change Under a more aggressive characteristic, the modulation suffers from, although, subjectively, the engine feels thanks to the shorter Pedal travel but yet is stronger and performance is willing.

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