The BMW plant in Regensburg: the end for extra night layer seam

At the BMW plant in Regensburg, it should be again longer breaks in production. Since July of 2016, with an additional night shift on the high worldwide demand for the various in Regensburg, Germany-built BMW models, reacts, from the end of October, the BMW Group, but other solutions in the global production network. As the Mittelbayerische newspaper reported, to the night shift on the 28. October 2018 for the time being, the last additional layer in the Regensburg plant. For about 1,000 temporary workers this means that their work force is initially required.

One of the main reasons for the unplanned night shifts at the BMW plant in Regensburg was the global success of the BMW X1 F48. The Compact SUV based on the BMW UKL architecture, since its market launch, to the absolute best sellers in the program of the brand, but will not be built now, not only in Regensburg. Also in the Dutch factory in Born of VDL NedCar is the X1 built in, also runs the only in China available X1 long version directly in Asia from the Band.

Starting in 2021 at the BMW plant in Regensburg, electric cars, Plug to run-in Hybrids and vehicles with a conventional drive by the internal combustion engine side-by-side from the Band. The number of currently around 1,400 vehicles per day – or one car every 57 seconds – will not keep without the night shifts, but productivity in the rest of the layers should not suffer from the transition to even more drive flexibility.

In spite of the Absense of 1,000 Time jobs, the works Council by the end of the night shift is at the BMW plant in Regensburg agree. The night shift had been communicated from the beginning as a temporary demand, was much longer than initially thought and was associated with a good payment for the time workers.

In Regensburg, BMW continues to expand not only the X1 but also the new City-SUV X2, as well as vehicles of the BMW 1-series (F20, F21), 3 series sedan (F30) including M3 (F80), the 4 series convertible (F33), including the M4 (F83), as well as the 2 series Gran Tourer (F46).

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