Trade dispute with the USA: BMW, China is increasing the price for X5 & X6

SUV customers of BMW in China are the first to suffer the consequences of the trade conflict between the United States and other countries. As a reaction to the policies of US President Trump, China has recently introduced an Import tariff of 40 percent in the United States-built vehicles, which is why the German car maker BMW now needs to increase the prices of selected models. As the news Agency Reuters reports, rising prices for BMW X5 G05 and BMW X6 F16 by 4 to 7 percent.

Already from this Monday, so far only in the US plant in Spartanburg-built luxury SUV in China will be more expensive, what BMW sees, apparently, no Alternative. A spokeswoman explained to Reuters that it could not stand in view of the changes in the market to a standstill. As expected , the new BMW X5 G05 and shortly before the detachment standing X6 F16 to the first Victims of the trade dispute, because some potential customers with a view to higher prices for other models decide.

Good cards has the BMW X3 G01, because the popular mid-size SUV for the Chinese market, but also built on site (see below) and suffers, therefore, not under the new Import duties. Another candidate for higher prices is, however, the BMW X4 G02, because the SUV-coupe X3-base is so far only in the US plant in Spartanburg built. The same is true for the next BMW X6 G06, 2019, is following in the footsteps of the F16.

Of the at the BMW plant in Spartanburg-built SUV, the X were exported last year a total of around 100,000 units to China, and models are also in the middle Kingdom great popularity. The trade dispute between the United States and some other countries, other car manufacturers are affected in addition to BMW, as a reaction, for example, Daimler has already adjusted its forecast for the Rest of the year.

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