U.S. customs: Gets the Auto-industry is a Zero-solution?

Great was the concern of the German car maker, which was a pleasingly positive solution seems to be looming: The threat of a trade war between the US and the EU have a key role to play in the auto industry, especially from a European point of view, finally, the European companies year sell year hundreds of thousands of new cars on the US market. The threat of US President Trump, to demonstrate the Import of cars in the future, with duties in the amount of up to 20 percent, not cared for accordingly, deep worry lines, many observers – only, because the duties of the European car would damage the industry, but also because they require a harsh response from the EU and thus to further escalation of the conflict contribute.

According to the latest media Reports, it now seems a solution in sight, the car manufacturers well-liked is likely to The US Ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, in a Meeting with the CEO, Harald Kr├╝ger (BMW Group), Dieter Zetsche (Daimler) and Herbert Diess (VW) the complete waiver of automobile tariffs offered. The Deal: If the EU does not levy duties on US cars, there will be no duties.

Currently, American car manufacturers pay a 10 percent customs if you are importing new cars in the EU. You and President Trump will see it as one of the reasons for the manageable success of brands such as Chevrolet in Europe. On European cars that are imported into the United States, you must currently be paid only 2.5 percent customs duty.

Whether the current duties associated costs are really the main reason for the strength of the European and especially the German car manufacturers, can be discussed with safety. In the corporate offices of BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen are expected to bring their own strength a lot more to do with the quality of its products and the proposed Zero-inch solution corresponding to a positive rate.

It remains to be seen whether the offer of the US Ambassador has Grenell’s really stock. It would not be finally for the first Time, announcements of the current US government to resolve within a short period of time and the situation is suddenly different.

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