Wonder Dad: dad as a super hero in the BMW X3 China


With a long and unusual Film BMW is evidently the right tone, to advertise in China for the BMW X3 G01. Of the approximately 14-minute long short film is entitled “Wonder Dad” and has now been released with English subtitles to make it even spectators outside of China accessible.

The focus of the short story, a young family, sharing the same fate as countless families around the world: The parents – in this case, especially the father – are involved in the professional life and therefore have much less time for the young, as dear to you would be. Often dad creates it only for a few short moments to his son and thus missed, as the little Boy grows up.

In the movie “Wonder Dad” this is a million people all too familiar issue of conflict between the father and the son, because the young in the difficult Position of the father is clearly aware of it: In his imagination, dad fights during his absence, with powerful enemies, managed Meetings, and creates it at the end of the day, like a super hero to come home safe.

More in the Background of the story, we experience the helper of the father, because just like other super hero needs a dad and support. With sovereignty, reliability and enough space for the daily challenges of life, the BMW X3 G01 is shown as a Hero of everyday life, which ultimately makes dad the hero. Late in the Film, the father provides, finally, an Action-Packed chase with the voices of professional life who want to stop him from visiting a theater performance of the son – and, fortunately, fail, because, otherwise, would have missed dad a wonderful love Declaration to his son:

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