10 years of Bimmer today: time for a glance in the rear-view mirror

Largely unnoticed by the world glimpsed on the 27. August 2008 a site to the harsh light of the World Wide Web. BimmerToday.de had made it their mission to collect the most important news around the BMW Group all over the world and to create a starting point for all friends of the brand who want to learn in German language about the company and its products.

Today, on the day exactly 10 years later, we can’t claim something to be Proud of in the voice that BimmerToday.de has developed a solid place in the digital everyday thousands of car Fans. Since a decade, thousands of people on this Website will inform every month about the BMW Group, read our reviews and Interviews, look at our photos from car shows around the world or entertain – sometimes more and sometimes less constructive, in the comments below the article.

Sebastian and Benny at the Meeting of the BMW i8, 3.0 CSL (2015)

10 years BimmerToday.de A decade, BMW News

BimmerToday.de quickly developed from a Hobby to a growing, increasingly time-consuming project. Rapidly growing access figures have confirmed the interest in our work. In addition to Benny, Sebastian and Jonas have written in the last ten years, also various other authors more or less regularly and for Bimmer today, so that our readers don’t miss any important message.

But in the last 10 years has not only developed Bimmer today, the BMW Group is the same as in August 2008. The model range has been significantly expanded and completely renewed – not a single vehicle from the early days of Bimmer today is still considered new cars available, some models such as the 5-series GT, we were even allowed to from the beginning to the end of their term of accompany. Hard to believe: 10 years Ago, the BMW Group sold about a Million fewer cars than last year!

The development of the BMW Group, we have accompanied in the past 10 years with over 10,000 posts, including nearly 100-minute reports and more than 50 Interviews. Thousands of comments and E-Mails have reached us as well as countless Likes in the social networks. Whether in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram, Bimmer today is represented to the most important fronts and is trying to reach existing and new readers. On click baiting by misleading Teaser or the indiscriminate Posting of press photos for Instagram, we do so in the future.

Definitely memorable, some of the Highlights from the last decade, for reasons of space, we all want to be here, but on two experiences focus: Our journey with the BMW i8 at the Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’este 2015 and the Meeting of the Plug-in-Hybrid-athlete with the BMW 3.0 CSL was a gathering of the past and the future, how to you rarely experience can. On a completely different level enthusiasts, our test drive of the BMW M3 DTM E30, the exclusivity and goose bumps hardly to surpass.

Definitely unthinkable Bimmer today would be without our readers. In addition to our insatiable interest to BMW and the joy of Discovering the Strengths and weaknesses of new models you are our biggest Motivation. You are showing us with Your Visit, how big is the interest in current news and Reports about BMW’s. We continue to give full throttle and are trying Your information thirst breast-feeding in the future as well as possible. Thank you for your Loyalty and a lot of fun on the Bimmer today!

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