After Sensation in Misano: Alex Zanardi in an Interview

After his unexpected fifth place in the Sunday race of the DTM in Misano has Alex Zanardi at length discovered. In an Interview with BMW Motorsport, the Italian likened his feelings upon Reaching the fifth place in the DTM with the profit of his Gold medals at the Paralympics. No wonder: The DTM is one of the most demanding racing series in the world, the distances between the drivers are extremely low and not rare, small errors will make a whole race is ruined.

The BMW M4 DTM, it was rebuilt for Alex Zanardi extensive, finally, the complete control of the vehicle with the hands had to be possible. Specifically, the steering Wheel was consequently extremely complex, because in addition to the usual buttons and switches is also a fine metering of renewable Gas Ring and an equally precise usable Hand-brake had to be placed here. Alone in Sunday’s race, Zanardi had to complete the 501 brake operations, and a total force of 23.065 kilograms muster. Over the entire weekend had to contend Zanardi in his 2.117 braking more than 100,000 kilograms of braking force, while he drove a total of 129 laps.

Alessandro, please describe your DTM-guest-start, please in three words.
Alessandro Zanardi: “Sparkling, exciting, emotional. I leave Misano with a wide Smile on my face.“

What was your first thought when you race in Fifth place, came on Sunday in their second DTM?
Zanardi: “I thought it was a joke, as my engineer said on the radio of my placement. I had not expected, and it is also too much, if you evaluated my Performance neutral. I was after my test drives very optimistic, was afraid but after the first Session, I was by far the Last, that it would be my fate this weekend, far behind. The Problem was that I was due to the constantly changing external conditions in a position to build continuously from Session to Session in my experience. Because every Time I went to the track, everything was different than before. Against this Background, the fifth place, with good and competitive lap times capable, of course, fantastic. He feels like a gold medal.“

What have you enjoyed the most?
Zanardi: “to make The time together with all the people who have helped me this weekend in Misano possible and pull it off.”

What was the biggest challenge?
Zanardi: “to keep The BMW M4 DTM on the track (laughs). But I managed it. I’ve won in my career, a lot of races and I think that I have even today the ability to move a vehicle such as the BMW M4 DTM at the Limit. But compared to the other drivers, I simply missed the specific DTM-experience.“

How have you been in the BMW and the DTM family?
Zanardi: “The DTM family has taken me in very well, and I felt in Misano very welcome. Thank you for this! With regard to my BMW family and specially my Team: they have given me the feeling – and I could see it in their eyes – that they felt with their task very well and that I was just the man they would like to have in your car. The goal was not to win the race. It was a question that I can get my the Best out of the vehicle. With this goal have identified everyone in the Team – that was priceless for me. This feeling I will carry forever in my heart. The weekend was absolutely unique.“

Also the Italian Fans have received it enthusiastically.
Zanardi: “let’s Say it this way: I think I was had hoped for in my life is the Protagonist of some romantic history, which, in the end, the Happy ending, to the people. I’ve done a couple of things that you could not trust me, physically, maybe. On a day like this, one is then in the evening in front of the mirror and everything’s in memory, what you have experienced in the many years of calls. It is magical to know that so many people identify with what I’m doing, so. This makes me incredibly proud.“

All Onboard footage was impressive to see, how many things have you done at the same time with your hands.
Zanardi: “Yes, it was quite acrobatic (laughs). But I know no other way, therefore I set me quickly. If one has entered on the task, some things not so difficult as you thought at the beginning. I have intense fiddled with the engineers in Munich to find the best possible solution for me, and I think we have found an excellent System. We have made a huge step forward and an excellent base for my planned Start at the 24 hours of Daytona in 2019. I think if there were a challenge to drive 24 hours at a stretch, I could do with this System physically. I’m not sure dewy, but it would go (laughs). Many thanks to all Involved for your curiosity and your ambition to make me a better racer. I can’t wait, the preparation for Daytona.“

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