Alex Zanardi masters Vallelunga Test in the BMW M4 DTM

Alex Zanardi has used the last two days to make on the race track of Vallelunga with his converted BMW M4 DTM familiar. Unlike in previous race car with special modifications for him, Zanardi had to get used to the Hand brake system that allows the fine control of the braking force on the steering Wheel. Unusual and other than in the ordinary course of BMW M4 DTM, also the speed activated centrifugal clutch and, of course, the acceleration by gas ring on the steering Wheel instead of via the accelerator pedal in the footwell.

Overall, Alex Zanardi drove 294 laps in Vallelunga, on the challenge of DTM is to prepare. Already at the end of August, the BMW brand Ambassador to the DTM will be racing in Misano, Italy as a guest starter drive and want to then of course as competitive as possible – which is a huge challenge, finally, the time intervals in the DTM are extremely tight. Zanardi’s target to have at least one car behind, in view of the extremely high performance of the DTM density ambitious.

Alex Zanardi: “The Test was great, everything went well, and we are on a good path. There is much that is new, but I’m from round to round better. Thank you to BMW – Misano.
The progress from the previous to the current System is solid. To drive a race car like the BMW M4 DTM, is physically very demanding. For me, it would be significantly harder to brake with my prosthetic.
I have to admit that the first Ride out of the Box, very unusual feel to have a completely empty the footwell without the pedal box in front of me. I thought: ‘This is really weird!’ But I must say that the whole System works for me very intuitive. I get along very well with it. It is completely different than what I was previously accustomed to. It makes me faster, but I couldn’t have done the extensive program, which I completed in the two days here in Misano, with the old System never. I have clocked up many laps, in a car, I am not yet driven the new BMW M4 DTM – and that’s after I’ve denied for almost two years, not a race. It would have been with the previous System is simply impossible. It is as if I am from the physical point of view, a different driver.
The DTM is, in my opinion, currently the hardest-fought and best-encrusted racing series in the world, ahead of the formula 1. I’m going to try to leave at least a car behind me. Let’s see if I can do it. This is hard, but very interesting. This is a huge event for me and probably one of the most difficult tasks that I have put myself in my racing career.”

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