BMW 3-series G20: New chassis technology for even more driving fun

The new BMW will be tested 3P G20 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife-intensive, is not at all a Surprise. Quite a Surprise, however, is that BMW photos uses the opportunity for a short Teaser Video and official spy, which will show us the new 3-series on the toughest racetrack in the world. At the same time its builders call some of the technical Details of the BMW 3-series G20 that emphasize its excellent facilities for high driving dynamics and, thus, for the Redemption of the brand promise of sheer Driving pleasure.

So the BMW is adjusted 3P G20 facilities around 55 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, the focus is 10 mm deep. At the same time, the stiffness could be increased of body structure and chassis connections. Almost, of course, for the BMW, but unique in its direct competitive environment, the fact that the weight is distributed in the ratio 50:50 on both axes. A wider track and higher camber values also belong to the good equipment of a dynamic sedan.

Suspension, suspension, damping, steering and brake system have been completely redesigned and is intended to contribute to the BMW prepares 3 series in 2019 will be even more fun. The front and rear axles are lighter and stiffer than previous designs and an innovative, can be the damping system is provided. The can be a damper to be installed in new 3 series, adapt continuously and progressively to the respective spring travel and can react optimally to road bumps and vibrations. Of these qualities of the BMW 3-series G20 benefits not only on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, but also on all the other challenging roads in the world.

In a specific, sportier tuning, the can be damper the BMW 3-series G20 with M sport package. The M sport suspension comes with a 10-mm lowered suspension, 18 inch wheels and mixed tyres. Around 20 per cent stiffer dampers make a noticeable dynamic-advantage. The M suspension is always combined with the variable sport steering, which has been configured for the 3P G20 also new. BMW promises a rapid Response to small steering wheel movements to convey without nervousness.

Peter Long (head of vehicle dynamics): “We use the can be damper as an active tuning element, in order to ensure under all conditions, and superior driving properties. At low spring due to a sensitive Response of the cushioning for a comfortable vibration compensation. When driving over large bumps, the body movements are controlled by higher damper forces.
The M sport suspension we have pronounced with stiffer Bearings and stabilizers, stiffer springs and additional body braces significantly sportier. The difference to the standard suspension is more noticeable than in the past.”

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A further building block for maximum driving dynamics the M sport differential on the rear axle. In the rear-axle transmission with electronically controlled lock is integrated, which is networked with the DSC and the speed compensation between the rear wheels is limited. With the active differential lock, the drive torque can be actively distributed between the wheels, which can be both an Under – and Oversteer can be counteracted. So DSC can do without much longer to those pesky brake intervention, and increases the driving fun.

Peter Long: “unlike the conventional mechanical Locks, the regulated sports differential is able to optimize much more than just traction. In addition to the curve dynamics, especially the driving stability is increased, for example, when the load changes appreciably. The new BMW is 3 series sedan with a more dynamic driving manner strikingly confident and effortless to move.”

Is powered the prototype of a new expansion stage of the BMW four-cylinder petrol engine B48. The engine of the new BMW 330i will be the strongest so far in a series-production BMW used four-cylinder engine, but in addition to a lot of power and high efficiency: Approximately 5 percent less fuel than the previously 252-HP Motor will consume the new Power version. Of course, is that the engine with a gasoline particulate filter is fitted and the exhaust gas standard Euro 6d-TEMP met.

Officially, the new BMW 3-series G20 will be presented in early October at the Paris auto salon in 2018. The market launch for the sedan follows in the spring of 2019, a few months later, the technically closely related BMW 3 series Touring G21.

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