BMW 3 series GT: No successor for the Gran Turismo 2020?

What’s next for the BMW 3-series GT? What is certain is that The decision for or against the Gran Turismo is internally long since fallen, finally, is the new BMW 3-series G20 in the wings, will this year be presented, and comes at the beginning of 2019 on the market. There’s no question that the BMW 3 series Touring G21 with a practical station wagon-rear-only a few months later. Considerably more question marks behind a successor to the Gran Turismo, which was previously acknowledged or as a prototype spotted yet officially.

Theoretically, the second Generation in 2020 would be in the series, but it is also only a few people would be really surprised if the Munich waive a continuation of the BMW 3 series GT-the story. Worldwide, the Gran Turismo is around 10 per cent of 3 series sales, so that he is behind the sedan, the Touring and the only to be offered in China long version will be on the fourth rank of the 3-series variants. On the home market of Germany, was the share in the first full year of sales in 2014, after all, at 15 percent.

BMW has already announced on several occasions, the diversity of variants in the coming years to reduce and to want on less popular models and options without. So will the new BMW 3-series G20 up to 80 percent less variants are offered to the production, to simplify and reduce the margin to increase.

The omission of the BMW 3 series Gran Turismo would quite fit in this picture, although he has alone found until its Facelift in 2016, over 140,000 customers and from its buyers due to the generous space in the rear, the elevated Seating position and the long-distance qualities is usually appreciated. Compared to the sedan, the BMW 3 series GT has 11 inches longer wheelbase, overall, the hatchback Version is even 19 inches longer than the classic sedan. So it is that the Gran Turismo offers with 1,600 litres more load space than the Touring.

Really thinned out the BMW-middle class would be offered in the future With the 3 series sedan, Touring and long version, the 4 variants, as well as the SUV models X3 and X4, there will be a variety of body styles-most of which are not only gasoline and Diesel, but also as a Plug-in Hybrid and electric car. A very specific preview of the electric version of the next BMW 4 series Gran Coupé delivers the BMW i4-study Vision Dynamics.

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