BMW: 48-Volt on-Board network of the second Generation starting in 2020

So far, BMW has spoken remarkably little about the 48-Volt on-Board network, which is now already some of the vehicles of the competitors available. The backgrounds of the previous restraint revealed supply development Board member Klaus Fröhlich now, in an Interview with Auto Motor und Sport: “The systems of the first Generation […] too little power, and can recuperate from my point of view, too little. For us, the second Generation is therefore much more interesting”.

The 48-Volt on-Board network of the second Generation wants to have a BMW by 2025 across the Board and without exception, in all models accommodated. Will start the Integration a long time before, finally, many modern driver assistance and Infotainment functions are dependent on the more powerful on-Board network. Even today, the Rolls-Royce Phantom with 48-Volt on-Board network of the first Generation of what is also with regard to its longer life-cycle is imperative. The same reason also leads to the BMW 3-series G20 for the Integration of the 48-Volt on-Board network of the first Generation, later in the life cycle of the technology, a large Update. The first series vehicles with 48-Volt on-Board network of the second Generation BMW plans according to our information, for the year 2020.

Cheerful in the Interview that the current systems will move from his point of view, no major advantages. The positive effects of the 48-Volt on-Board network from falling too low, which has also been shown in various comparative tests of BMW models against their competitors with 48-Volt on-Board network of the first Generation: Neither the performance nor the practice of consumption from falling flat better or worse. Even if the 48V on-Board electrical network, in some situations, the advantages of, for example, when sailing or when you restart the engine, the effects are far too small to be decisive for success or failure in the property rating.

For the 48-Volt on-Board network of the second Generation to have a greater effect announces Cheerfully felt. A powerful E-machine with more than 20 kW of power and 100 Newton metres of torque is to be housed in the transmission and for real benefits. The consumption advantage is, according to the Cheerful more at 10 than at 5 percent, moreover, the acceleration can be not only pro-forma support, but also tangible. The larger battery is for the supply of such a Board network, has scheduled BMW from the beginning, in the design of the next Generation of vehicles.

For the BMW 3-series G20, the electrification of the drive could ensure that the use of three-cylinder engines can be dispensed with: The slightly lower consumption values in the future with four-cylinder engines, which enjoy a better Image and more smoothness. With a view on national legislation and capacity-limits, says Cheerfully that three-cylinder in the 3 series will only be in markets such as India or Turkey makes sense.

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