BMW 8 series Gran Coupé Erlkönig-video: Nurburgring hits M850i

Already in 2019 will come with the BMW 8er Gran coupe the best-seller of the new 8-series on the market. Latest spy Videos show a prototype of the four-door luxury-athlete during test runs on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, where BMW is currently also the two-door coupe-intensive Tests. The focus of the development work of the BMW M850i Gran coupe, which competes with a 530 HP Biturbo V8 and the all-wheel drive xDrive has.

While the two-door variants of the 8-series offer second-row any space for children or smaller adults on short journeys, the BMW 8er Gran coupe in rear seat comfort and luxury. It will be as spacious as a 7 series, but the fourth Option for trips or not is fifth only in theory. Many customers appreciate this flexibility, finally, there is in the everyday life of many people at least once in a while situations, in which two seats are simply not enough.

Particularly in Europe, the BMW M850i is not expected to play the main role, the majority of customers are likely to resort to the more economical six-cylinder models 840i and 840d Gran coupe. As us product Manager Sarah Leßmann in this Interview reveal, it is in addition to the already featured all-wheel drive variants also have at least one model with a classic rear-wheel drive type, it should be a high probability that the 840i act.

The main competitors of the new BMW 8er Gran coupe include the Mercedes CLS, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe, the Audi A7 Sportback and the Porsche Panamera. Luxury and exclusivity of playing for the audience a larger than average role, this is also a superb driving performance and a more extroverted appearance. The latter can be used with options like M sport package, Carbon package , and of course, with eye-catching colors such as Sunset Orange and the paint finishes from BMW Individual again sharpened.

As the sporting crowning the series is the BMW M8 Gran coupe also comes in 2019. His drive is to a large extent be identical with the M8 coupe and convertible, all three of the M8 are closely related with the M5 F90. Well above 600 HP and the extremely sporty all-wheel drive M xDrive are the arguments for the Top model, which will be complete in the next few months, also various Tests on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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