BMW 8er Cabrio: spy photos show hot-country testing

The BMW 8er Cabrio has been in the last few weeks, not only standing in a photo shoot caught, it also has heat Tests in the United States. A series of official spy photos shows us the open-top BMW 8er Tests in the dry heat of Death Valley, and during a stopover in the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas. A few kilometers from the desert far to the BMW 8er Cabrio and the test drivers had the chance to do a little stop, before the hot-country testing was continued.

The vehicle prepare for the most extreme requirements, hazards in the Tests, even at temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius. Extreme development of dust, rugged gravel roads, and long distance trips between the Pacific coast and Rocky Mountains, the BMW set 8 seater convertible in front of challenges with the everyday life of the majority of the customers fortunately, only a few similarities.

Also if you could think of it at the first glance on the photos, the BMW 8 convertible in Death Valley is not open to enjoy The extremely high temperatures and relentless in the shadow of the desert crackling the sun will make the Opening of the top to be a pretty bad idea. The advantage is that The dusty desert air is good to check the tightness of the fabric roof, and to detect possible weak points.

The first for several hours in the blazing sun parked a prototype to prove that all the systems function even in extreme heat without complaining: on-Board electronics, Hi-Fi system, Sensors and cameras in the driver assistance systems, Displays, Connectivity functions, and of course automatic air-conditioning are required in Death Valley.

An invisible, but significant distraction for the Board electronics, the BMW has to withstand 8 convertible at the Hoover dam In the vicinity of the water power plant turbines, strong electromagnetic waves are exceptionally available, the sensitive systems could not be allowed to interfere – but of course.

Officially, the BMW 8er Cabrio will be unveiled later this year, the market launch is planned for the spring of 2019. This is followed by the Cabriolet just a few months after the new BMW 8er coupe, already in autumn on the market and as a technology-preview for the open-top two-door model will apply. In the later course of the next year is the new 8-seater family with the four-door BMW 8er Gran coupe completes.

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