BMW 9: Adrian van Hooydonk talks about the Maybach rivals

You might think that the introduction of two new series takes on the top-end of the product portfolio of a brand, a variety of rumors the Wind out of the sails, but in the case of BMW, it is apparently different. The fuel for this is provided by none other than head of Design Adrian van Hooydonk, in an interview with AutoCar openly about a BMW 9er is thinking. Although with BMW 8er and X7, two new luxury Cars for the next future, announced, not have the Designer and his Team apparently is still enough.

The time horizon is plugged in but also something more, because according to van Hooydonk and his Team is currently working on the time-period from 2021 to 2030. Some of the final decisions to the vehicles of this time are not like it, but of course the designers have to transfer their creativity on many different projects: “Our Job is, of course, to have more ideas than you can build companies, conversely, it would be very bad.”

By Adrian van Hooydonk mentioned BMW 9er would be a luxury, four-door coupe is far above the new BMW 8er Gran coupe. In Germany, Munich would, on the one hand, the positioning of the 8-series as a predominantly sporty, and not primarily in a luxurious underscore, on the other hand, but also a new rival targeting A far above the 7 series sedan positioned BMW 9 series Gran coupe could certainly be regarded as an exciting Alternative to a Mercedes-Maybach S-class.

Against the expensive Mercedes-derivatives with the Maybach Logo, the BMW Group does not, so far, more to do with the entry-level models of the recognized luxury brand Rolls-Royce, not really in the same Segment, the extreme exclusivity of passing vehicles from Goodwood are on the go. While the Maybach models of the family are clearly members of the Mercedes, a Rolls-Royce into an unmistakable Statement for ultimate success far beyond classic Premium Automobiles. Right here is the BMW 9 could come into play in the comparison to Mercedes and Maybach significantly sportier role of the BMW Group stress, without requiring space and luxury compromises.

While behind the possible variants of a 9ers still various question marks, one thing is for sure: to take rumors the Wind out of the sails, were Adrian van Hooydonks suitable statements. On the direct question of a possible BMW 9-he replied: “let’s Say this: We will not stop at this point.”

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