BMW chief Kruger: “We have our presence in China multiplied”

The already enormous and ever-growing importance of China for the BMW Group, was also at the presentation of the current quarterly figures Q2 2018 a topic. For years, the largest single market of the company is constantly evolving and is no longer only for the paragraph is relevant, but also as a development location, and technology drivers. The ongoing commitment of BMW is also from the authorities in China recognized: BMW is the first non-Chinese car manufacturers, the self-driving cars in Shanghai test.

Also partnerships with companies from China are becoming more and more important, because they are increasingly technology-pioneer. In addition to the long-standing Joint-Venture with Brilliance, BMW’s soon to be the majority want to come to new collaborations: MINI Great Wall, BMW with Baidu, BMW i with CATL. The Trend is clear: to be able to in China continue to grow, you have to grow with China.

BMW CEO Harald Krüger said on the occasion of the quarterly report Q2 2018:

China is our most important single market and a pioneer in E-mobility and networking. In the last few weeks, we have set an important strategic course. Thus, we are expanding and strengthening our business in China in the long term:

  • We are expanding our Joint Venture with BBA. We will increase our capacity of 520,000 vehicles. The first all-electric X3 is exported from China to other markets. As the first international manufacturer, we have received from the Chinese government, the agreement in principle, to increase our share of the Joint Venture, starting in 2022.
  • With the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor, we have agreed a 50:50 Joint Venture. Together, we want to build electric MINIs. In addition, the Joint Venture will also produce E-models for Great Wall Motor. A logical step in the direction of the electric future of MINI.
  • With Baidu, we have signed a Memorandum of understanding. The BMW Group is a member of the Board of Directors of Apollo. That’s To Baidu’s open platform for automated.
  • With CATL, we have concluded a contract for a total of four billion euros. CATL is to build the largest battery cell factory in Germany. From there, we obtain iNEXT starting in 2021, the battery cells for our BMW. Thus, we cover the entire value-added chain for the production of electrified vehicles in Germany. A prerequisite to our leadership position in E-mobility further. Also, the raw materials for the battery cell, particularly cobalt, are we shopping in the future.

You see: We have to blow our presence in China multiplied.

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