BMW i: The electric car as a rolling electrical socket anywhere?

When it comes to electric cars and energy, usually in the range of the cars in the foreground. How far can a BMW i3 comes with a full battery, enough for the everyday or a greater range would not be synonymous with more freedom? Overall, one can say that the range anxiety for all who have dealt seriously with the topic of electric mobility, has declined significantly in recent years. Vehicles like the upcoming BMW i3 120Ah for additional relaxation.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the range and battery capacity will also include in the future to the most important features of an electric car. A large battery not only reach, now shows a short Video of BMW I. The short view in the future shows the BMW i3 as a roll end socket, which provides power for the everyday life of the people. No matter whether the chainsaw in forest or remote Alm-hut, with an electric car, a performance strong battery wherever there are suitable roads. The BMW i3 in the Video was equipped tires for this purpose, with off-road, the him, even away from paved roads provide a certain freedom of movement.

What now seems like the future of music and looks, with ever-larger batteries increasingly realistic. Because if the range is no longer perceived as a Problem and loose enough, it can be used in the battery stored energy of several kilo watt hours, of course, to a certain extent also for other tasks.

And, of course, a larger and larger fleet of electric cars represents a total of a huge energy storage device that can be used for various purposes. If, in the future, over night, several million electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids to the power grid, there are also completely new opportunities to Save energy. What are the advantages and what are the problems that derive from them, from today’s perspective, only imagine. The only certainty is: It will be exciting.

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