BMW i8 Roadster: Wallpaper for the Hybrid athlete in E-Copper

New Wallpaper-motives of the BMW i8 Roadster with the new livery, E-Copper in the scene and invite you to Dream. Open the Gullwing is in the Mediterranean environment, on the road, and shines in the light of the sun, the stresses of its forms. To the earlier Concept Car inspired paint job makes the open-top two-seater even more spectacular, and definitely sure that no one can look past him.

Since the Facelift for the BMW i8 E-Copper belongs also to the color palette of the coupe. In the framework of the model of care, the Coupé and the all-new BMW i8 Roadster received a new battery pack that increases the range substantially and makes the Plug-in hybrids a more comfortable companion in everyday life.

How well the overall package of the BMW i8 Roadster to work, we were able to learn a few months ago. What is certain is that The open wing doors has much more to offer than just a spectacular Design, even the slightly refreshed technology package has lost four years after its market launch, none of its attractiveness.

The following photos of BMW UK have no doubt Wallpaper-quality, show the i8, among other things, in the coherent light of the sunset. Also shots to the aerodynamics and Design Details, as well as to the Cockpit of the 374-HP Hybrid athlete not missing, of course.

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