BMW iNext Vision: Krüger confirmed presentation of the 2018

The BMW iNext to the story of BMW i from 2021 to continue and further chapters to add. What started the BMW i3 and i8 in 2013 and 2014 with innovative technology and the freedom to be able to the requirements of current large-scale models of the brand solve, to be continued in three years, with the ideas of the next decade. Now, BMW CEO Harald Krüger confirmed again: BMW iNext Vision for the Car is to be shown as a practical preview in the second half of 2018, and an impression of the next stand-alone i-model supply.

The term “Vision Car” is defined in the case of BMW clear and stands for vehicles, which does not necessarily have to be in series and in any case, a little further from the production are removed as a “Concept Car”. Although there are also examples for very specific Vision for Cars, for example, the BMW i4-preview Vision Dynamics, many other vehicles such as the spectacular Vision ConnectedDrive , however, were never as a preview for a specific vehicle meant. In the case of the BMW iNext is expected to be a third way of acting, we already from the i8 To the Vision EfficientDynamics followed, a little later, a somewhat more concrete Concept Car and finally, a futuristic series vehicle for four years now actually bought.

On the occasion of the presentation of the quarterly report Q2 2018 Harald Krüger said, with a view to the novelties of the next few months:

The Foundation of our global success is our strong model offensive. The new Z4 is set in 2019, an exclamation point. Just have journalists that the prototypes tested.

Our X-2018 culminates in other Top models in the high-yield X family:

After the X2’s, since July, the new X4 on the market.
In November comes the new X5.
At the end of the year, starts production of the new X7.

So we meet the increasing demand for SAVs.

With the consistent Expansion of our luxury segment, we have another ACE up their Sleeve.

The new i8 Roadster is fresh on the market.
In the case of the new BMW 8-series is the production of the coupe. Market launch is in November. 2019 convertible and Gran Coupé, as well as the corresponding M models to follow. All the new design language of BMW’s embody.
At Rolls-Royce comes from the Cullinan. At the reporting and the numerous pre-orders we already see now: The Cullinan hits in the Off-road Segment of the absolute luxury class to the tastes of the customers.

In the second half of the year, we go a step further: We present the iNEXT as the vision of the vehicle.

You see: We are in full travel – be it in the major regions of the world, and innovative technologies or our product innovations.

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