BMW M135i F40: Erlkönig-Video shows M140i successor on the Ring

For much of the BMW 1 series driver, the drive concept is supposed to play no role, whether front wheel drive or rear-wheel drive is more or less no matter. But what may be true for the vast majority of 1 series customers, at the upper end of the 1-internal food chain security in a different way: Whoever drives a BMW M135i or M140i, has decided, as a rule, quite deliberately, for the rear-wheel-drive and against in the compact class, the usual concepts of front-wheel drive or front y all-wheel drive.

It is obvious that the developers of the new M Performance automobile, which will either go as the new BMW M135i, or rumored to continue as a BMW M140i at the Start, stand in front of a particularly large challenge: to develop a car based on the new BMW 1-series, the F40, the only provides fast lap times and strong Performance in everyday life, but it can also record in terms of driving fun with the current M140i.

The all-wheel drive xDrive is of crucial importance, because, of course, the UKL architecture with the BMW 1-series F40 is not suitable for classic rear-wheel drive. The need for a four – wheel drive, the reminds in no Situation to a front-wheel drive is, therefore, due to rotating front wheels for a sporty Compact car from BMW M Performance somewhat absurd. This is such a vote possible, already shows the X2: With intelligent Software, the power distribution of the all-wheel drive system is adapted with foresight, that is, before it can come to spin the wheels.

The System expects a loss of Traction at the front axle is already switched before on all-wheel drive and the unsouveräne Pawing of the front wheels is prevented. The current BMW X2 feels like a vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive, although for efficiency reasons, in many situations, as a front-wheel drive on the road. Depending on the driving mode, it is also possible to actually put on permanent all-wheel drive and a tail-heavy distribution of power.

While unwanted traction problems expected to be good to avoid, with the desired traction loss is significantly more difficult: Many of the drivers of the current Generation to appreciate the Option, the traction on the rear axle and aware not to overtax completely controlled, to hunt your rear wheel drive BMW with a slight Power oversteer, by the one or the other curve. Also when accelerating Out of curves that is slightly to the outside, pressing the rear of the current BMW M140i is a unique feature that many customers purchase. The extent to which it can succeed, the new BMW M135i on UKL-based similar driving behavior, inculcate, remains to be seen.

This also brings us back to the name, because here there are still a number of question marks. With a view to upcoming models such as the BMW X2 M35i is actually on Hand, that M Performance Automobiles will wear with the four-cylinder engine with a 35i in the name, while the acronym 40i remains the six-cylinder models. The logical consequence: The new Compact sports car to bear the name of the BMW M135i xDrive. Others believe all of the logic in Spite of the fact that BMW is in the nomenclature a step further and assume that the M Performance-F40 goes as M140i.

And for all the attention the word four-cylinder surprised and to show that you are not informed so far about the Generation of the F40 or the BMW UKL architecture: of Course the motors are mounted at the front-wheel-drive architecture, the BMW Group transverse to the direction of travel. The use of an in-line six-cylinder is excluded, therefore, with a view to the space in question, only a strong turbocharged four-cylinder. These B48 variant is currently in development and will be in the BMW M135i, with just over 300 HP for propulsion.

As the new four-cylinder engine sounds and how the so-equipped BMW M135i xDrive driving, shows a recent spy Video from the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Video of Automotive Mike shows different prototypes with varying degrees of camouflage, some are on the fast laps at the side of the X2 to also recognize the in the tailgate-reaching tail-lights.

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