BMW M2 Competition: Onboard Video of the Ascari Race Resort

How a game can look on the Ascari Race Resort, when a professional at the wheel sits, shows an Onboard Video of the BMW M2 Competition. Dangers and comments will be provided by Nico Menzel, is part of the BMW Motorsport juniors, and Can be, among other things, also in the VLN regularly. The son of racing driver Christian Menzel has long been a name of its own, and is now also on BMW driving events as a guest to spin in the pace car one way or the other quick round.

In the current Video we see Menzel at the wheel of the BMW M2 Competition Pace Car in Sunset Orange, which is also in our fast laps in Ascari, the Pace dictated. Who is not familiar with the circuit, receives the thanks of the comment in the Video is a short introduction to the curves and challenges on the track and around it at will, because it is a 360-degree Video with free choice of angle of view. It’s worth taking the Video with a device that responds to appropriate inputs, and the perspective changed, which is why, for example, when drifting, the Smoke behind the car can see.

As the BMW M2 Competition in Ascari and on the country roads in the area has struck, we have already in our drive report are explained in detail. Perhaps the most important points: although the change from M2 to M2 Competition is all about the new Biturbo engine with 410 HP, is not the pure performance gain, the most relevant improvement of the compact athlete.

Further background information on the vehicle, the modified technology and to the competitors we have in the Interview with Frank van Meel discussed.

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