BMW M5 Competition: 625 HP, dry served

It needs high claims to feel at the wheel of a current M5 F90 the Desire for a BMW M5 in this Competition. But because there has been no shortage of M GmbH never to demanding customers, and each of the high distance bar is seen mainly as a challenge and an incentive is the offer of the BMW M5 Competition no real Surprise. That already series-M5 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and the Hockenheimring lap times on the Level of the Ferrari 458 Italia ‘s going, and his real competition is clearly behind, and would actually be a reason for content to lean Back. But the M GmbH would not be the M GmbH, if you would be so far untapped potential just wasted, just because the M5 is already “fast enough”.

The consequence: Instead of leaning Back was more fashionable work. The main point of attack was the unrestricted everyday suitability of the series-M5, because the 600-HP Power sedan from Garching, despite all the Performance a high level of comfort. What is possible when you give up something rolling and suspension comfort, and in some Places a few more coals to add, the BMW M5 Competition on our first ride impression.

Driving report BMW M5 Competition: 625 HP, dry served

The first, most obvious progress is in practice the least important role: The performance increase of the 4.4-Liter V8 Biturbo from 600 to 625 HP is in this performance class within the series, scatter, and is honestly not noticeable, you should allow the Sprint from 0 to 100, but still a tenth of a second faster. Also, this is practically not noticeable, but on paper 625 HP and 3.3 seconds represent up to 100 km/h is equal to two superlatives: The BMW M5 Competition is not only the strongest series BMW of all times, he is also faster on a country road pace than any other.

Much more important for the new driving experience on Board the BMW M5 Competition the rest of the modifications, in fact on every Meter of travel is noticeable, however, even if you play at the pub most of the time the smaller role. Because, for 9.000 Euro extra charge, customers receive much more than a simple performance increase, instead, the driving behavior on a curvy track in focus. Although the series chassis, the M5 F90 is not at all bad, but it attaches great importance to comfort and not can get, therefore everything from the 1.9-tonne sedan. Those who place a serious emphasis on maximum Performance, this Option is now in the BMW M5 Competition.

The first meters on mediocre Spanish country roads and therefore require unusual durability. You are sitting here really in a Business sedan or a sports car? The rest comfort the boundaries are blurred, because even in Comfort mode, can be of a soft suspension and decoupled inmates certainly not a speech. Yes, this BMW M5 Competition means it’s obviously serious and it is likely one or the other potential customers to be serious, at least when the trail leads regularly on bad roads.

However, as all the medals, the of the manageable rest comfort two pages. The flip side of the dry vote, as soon as the Asphalt is better: A print on one of the freely-programmable M-keys on the steering wheel is sufficient to switch the Setup of the steering, suspension, throttle response and gearbox is in ‘Sport Plus’. Now, the BMW M5 Competition is allowed to show what he can do – and is already impressive on the road with a for Business-limousine is unique-the direct feedback. Such a direct connection to the road to get the driver and passengers usually consistently tuned sports car, but certainly not in a five-seat sedan.

To be able to more comfortable, but for his Segment certainly not feedback poor series-M5 so clearly to be outdone, have turned the screws, the developers of the M GmbH to all. Starting with a lowering of 7 mm, and changes to the camber and toe on the ball joint assembled Track links at the rear to the stiffer spring rates and a tighter coordination of the active engine mount is a component remained barely unchanged. The 20-inch light-alloy forged wheels for the M5 Competition are some wheels lighter than the series, of course, is also not a disadvantage.

All of his quality can show the new Setup on the track of the Ascari, with its demanding Mix of fast and slow curves perfectly to the BMW M5 Competition fits. Even when completely disabled DSC is the On-M5 is certainly manageable, but it is almost obscene amount of fun: Everything what you feel at the wheel, is contrary to the Knowledge of the corner points of the vehicle. You are sitting in a 1.9-tonne sedan that offers plenty of room for three rear passengers and a spacious Luggage compartment. But hunt also be able to your custom-tuned Pirelli P Zero tyres at a breathtaking pace around the circuit. And understands it at the same time, these contradictory properties completely, of course, appear.

Here on the racetrack, where you can go with the new BMW M5 Competition actually on time hunting, like finally, the 25 additional HP. And the fact that the maximum torque of 750 Newton-metres is now in a 200 rpm wider window, retrieve, and between 1,800 and 5,800 rpm is now permanently available. In everyday life on public roads, the effect of the specially tuned sports exhaust system has on the subjective performance perception is likely to play a considerably larger role than the slightly better driving performance.

His critics, the BMW M5 Competition makes it still easy For an ordinary Business-Limosine, he is much too hard, much too dry and ultimately more comfortable enough. However, this criticism bubbled from the Competition-lettering of the most powerful series-BMW’s of all time locker: the role of The damn fast and yet comfortable sedan is not simply in his last book, there is the series-M5. The M5 Competition’s in comparison, a sports car that looks more random as a sedan. And there are to the satisfaction of the responsible in Garching, Germany, a large market: some major markets like the US and Germany in the future, more than half of all M5 to carry the Competition Logo on the rear.

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