BMW M5 Competition: Frank van Meel in an Interview to the Top-F90

After our first ride with the BMW M5 Competition we had the opportunity, us with M boss Frank van Meel about his newest product to entertain. There are many good reasons, finally, the 625-HP sedan is not less than the previously most powerful and fastest production BMW ever. But it is the track-focus test BMW M5 of all times, and requires a certain willingness to compromise in terms of comfort.

As Frank van Meel evaluates the positioning of the vehicle, how many customers he expects and where he wants to find, is defined in the following Interview, as well as the question of the main competitors – with a surprisingly short, but this is all the more a lot of to say their answer. The BMW M5 is only a few weeks on the market and has dominated the competition in the previous comparison tests. Why a BMW M5 Competition comes now?
Frank van Meel: We didn’t want to wait any longer, because the demand is high. The M3 and M4, for example, we have the Competition package on offer and to built-in Rates of around 50 percent. This means that every second customer wants a Competition. We don’t want to deprive the customer of course. In addition, we offer numerous modifications to our Competition now at the model level. How big the demand is, depends on the individual market, and also the road conditions there. Due to the success of M3 and M4, we want to offer in the future, the Competition models as quickly as possible. 625 HP sound impressive at first glance, an additional 25 HP is likely to be in this performance class, but rather measuring as noticeable. The exhaust system plays the greater role for the subjective performance gain?
Frank van Meel: Here, the overall package is decisive, i.e. the combination of engine, chassis and, of course, the Design content. The 25 HP from 0 to 100 is actually only slightly noticeable, in the case of 0 to 200 it will be already clear. But as I said, impressive on the M5 Competition is the combination of a higher power, a broader torque Plateau and the Track-optimised suspension. It is a good Tradition of the M GmbH to focus development more on the chassis than on maximum power. What exactly did you changed here?
Frank van Meel: The chassis we have made a lot of, not only the classic, lowered suspension, higher spring and damper and stabilizer storage Rates. Here we have implemented also the ball joints on the rear axle, a modified camber at the front axle, a stiffer aggregate links, a stiffer sub-frame and a stiffer bearing steering for increased steering precision. The car is going more in the direction of Go-Kart, although it is relatively large. The sum of these measures, together with the higher power and the optical differentiation characteristics of the charm of this car. This can be felt in every Situation, but especially on the racetrack. Was also adapted to the tuning of the four-wheel drive M xDrive again?
Frank van Meel: In a certain way. Since the M xDrive Controller also controls the DSC and the transverse lock on the rear axle, there were of course some adjustments to the changed self-steering properties of the car, because we have designed the car with the modified suspension, significantly more agile. The active engine mounts have been tuned to be firmer than the normal M5. What is the influence of behaviour on driving and what was there to configure the series-M5?
Frank van Meel: Tighter bearings incorporate more and more dynamic and a little less comfort. The M5 is positioned in our view, optimally between dynamics and comfort, the M5 Competition focuses on even more in the direction of the track is tighter and more direct, also with regard to the steering. Add to that a 10-percent higher spring rates and more damping. The M5 Competition is noticeably firmer, but that is also the goal of a Competition model. On the not always totally flat country roads in the area around Ascari, the chassis looks almost too tight, even in Comfort mode. What is the target audience buys an M5 Competition that is only suitable for good Asphalt, really?
Frank van Meel: The Fans of such cars. There is a big difference. In the USA the share of such Fans is relatively high in the UK because of the local roads tended to be lower. In Germany, the proportion due to the many highway sections is also rather high. Here in Spain, the percentage will be lower, Yes, because in the case of bad roads a little more absorption capacity and less build-up connections are better for the comfort. do you Have the BMW M5 Competition the N├╝rburgring lap time of 7:30 minutes in the visor?
Frank van Meel: 7:30 minutes is an announcement that our M4 GTS managed 7:28 minutes. Maybe we can keys us, at least in the vicinity of 7:30 minutes. Still not to the standard scope of the Carbon-ceramic brake system. Wouldn’t this fit very well with the character of the BMW M5 Competition?
Frank van Meel: The Carbon ceramic brake is a brake, a race-track. We have many customers who want to be aware of the brake does not have Carbon-ceramic, because the spread between the Dry-braking on the race track and the everyday braking performance easy-to-large. These customers are looking for a classic steel brake with a smaller spread. Also, of course, is the additional cost of nearly 8.800 Euro plays a role, the do not want to pay any. How high do you expect the percentage of Competition models on the whole of the M5-paragraph?
Frank van Meel: it is difficult to say, but I guess it similar to M3 and M4. Then we land in the world is approximately in the range of 50 percent. In markets such as the USA or Germany rather more, in other markets tend to be less. Overall, the optical differentiation of the series-M5 turns out to be straightforward, although technically a lot has been done. What speaks against a self-conscious appearance?
Frank van Meel: The BMW M5 is generally more of an Understatement-the car is extremely fast, but not too thick stick. With this Tradition we didn’t want to break now also the M5 in this Competition. In the case of M3 and M4 were above the Competition – even the CS models. May we hope also in the case of the M5 on other Performance variants?
Frank van Meel: anything is Conceivable in principle, but at the moment, so something is not planned. the Name of The new top model, speaks of Competition. Who do you see as a competitor for the M5 Competition, if the normal M5 leaves the competition far behind?
Frank van Meel: There are no direct competitors. We don’t build such cars also to annoy others, but because we have fun with it. And because our customers have great fun. This is a clear message. Many thanks for the detailed interview!

Want even more Background info with Frank van Meel? The above interview was conducted directly following our Interview on the new BMW M2 Competition.

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