BMW M550i G30: Comeback in 2019 with a new 530-HP V8?

For customers in Europe, it is for some time impossible to order a new BMW M550i xDrive. The M Performance model with a V8 engine has not been taken in the Wake of the changeover to the new emission cycle, the WLTP from the market, because the adjustment of the drive train with a gasoline particulate filter, and the following homology of goods in a timely manner. From the beginning, it was clear that There is a supply interruption, not the end of the BMW M550i xDrive.

Now condense the rumors that the Comeback of the BMW M550i 2019 equal to double the reason to be happy could be: If the M Performance 5 series G30 comes back, could the so far 462-HP V8-Biturbo retired and the new expansion stage of the V8-Biturbo to be replaced, also in the BMW M850i coupe . The result is 530 HP and 750 Newton meters of torque, the concerns already from 1,800 revs/min. So far, M550i had to driver with 650 Newton meters of content – certainly not a reason to complain, but just as certainly noticeably less torque.

With the change to the 530 HP V8 twin-turbo would be for the neuene BMW M550i 2019 even Crack the 4-second mark in the realm of the Possible back: The M850i completes the Standard sprint in just 3.7 seconds, the M550i could reach a similar value. The maximum speed is limited, in all likelihood, also continue to 250 km/h, the Option to Raise the Vmax is not planned for the M550i to our knowledge.

Who not until the spring of 2019 to the new BMW M550i wait, want, has, within the 5-series G30 family, nevertheless great selection: Starting with a 400-HP BMW M550d with Quad turbo-Diesel over the BMW M5 F90 with 600 HP to the BMW M5 Competition with 625 HP is a variety of Alternatives to choose from. Who is it particularly exclusive like, also the BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo grip and will also have a 600-horsepower 5 series G30.

The BMW M550i went so far, in our driving report.

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