BMW V8 N63: More Details on the new stage of expansion with 530 HP

Under the hood of the new BMW M850i coupe, a new stage of development of the V8 making its debut plant, N63, now comes for the first time with 530 HP in the trading engine. The eight-cylinder engine is manufactured at the BMW plant in Munich and later in Dingolfing with the BMW 8er married. The engine has exactly how the previous V63-variants over 4.4 liters of displacement and two in the hot Inner V of the cylinder banks placed twin-scroll turbocharger. Also, of course, direct petrol injection, fully variable valve control Valvetronic, variable camshaft control double-Vanos Cam on Board.

In addition to the well-known basic Layout, but there are also many improvements: New in the crankcase, this is thanks to a new aluminum-alloy are even more robust than previously developed. Reduced friction in the area of the cylinder liners, reinforced and with Grafal-coated pistons, various improvements in connecting rods, main bearings, cylinder head gaskets and chain drive, and a viscous damper to the crankshaft, the engine is especially quiet and at the same time, extremely powerful.

Also, the two Twin-Scroll turbochargers have been enlarged, and for the first time with electrically-operated Wastegate Actuators as well as electric diverter valves in the compressor housing are combined. An improved cooling system ensures that the temperature in the engine, even when the sporty driving in the tolerance range. Together, the numerous Hardware measures create the conditions for a new multi-hole injectors of the gasoline direct injection with 350 instead of 200 bar working maximum pressure.

In spite of the multitude of Hardware Changes the optimization of the BMW N63 as a whole remains neutral in terms of weight. With 530 HP, it makes 68 HP more than the previous expansion stage, with 462 HP. The maximum torque has been increased from 650 to 750 Newton meters and is available in a wide window between 1,800 and 4,600 rpm. At the same time the emission behavior has been further optimized: Enlarged catalysts and a gasoline particulate filter (OPF) to make sure that the V8 complies with all applicable worldwide requirements, including, of course, the emission standard EU6d-TEMP.

The production of a significantly revised V8 motor with a high proportion of precise hand work by highly qualified specialists. Engine block, crankcase and cylinder heads are delivered from the BMW light-metal foundry in Landshut to the Munich plant. There, each individual engine receives a unit of data with the help of the individual development process can be tracked. No matter whether the suit of cups moments of the glands, the valve game, or the individual numbers of the built-in bearings, connecting rods and cylinder heads – everything is saved to every Detail.

No secret is that the 530-HP expansion stage, later also other M Performance models, power and even significantly larger spread. Two absolutely safe candidate for the use of the engine are the upcoming BMW 8er Gran coupe and the already fallen caught 8er Cabrio.

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