BMW Vision iNext: Four-time world premiere in Boeing 777F

The world premiere of the BMW iNext finds from the 9. September, within five days at four locations around the world. Together with Lufthansa Cargo, the BMW Group has organized a world premiere in the fuselage of a cargo aircraft, which will land in Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing. The entire Event takes place in the cargo space of the machine, its stage, and within a few hours and can be reduced. Thus, it is possible that Premiere within a few days in the same room, but at totally different places.

In Lufthansa Cargo’s Boeing 777F, the most efficient cargo aircraft of its class, were laid for the Premiere of the BMW Vision iNext over 7.5 kilometers of cable, 165 Video LED modules with a total of 78.000 LEDs, as well as ten of 13,000 ANSI Lumen projectors installed. So, it should be possible to put the Vision of the Car perfectly. The special challenge for the more than 120 involved in exhibition design and construction specialists, it was a total of 30 tons of Material to be accommodated so that the plane can be made in a short period of time able to fly again. Already four hours after the presentation, the plane lifts off to the next destination, eight hours after landing, the next presentation starts.

The BMW Vision iNext is a concrete preview of a production vehicle that comes in 2021, with pure electric drive on the market. Even more important than the drive to progress, to offer the BMW iNext in the field of Autonomous driving. For more information, we should on 9. September in the framework of the Premiere of the Vision Cars.

Peter Gerber (Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG): “Visionary products that earn visionary presentations. We are looking forward together with BMW to make this extraordinary world premiere.“

Klaus Fröhlich (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, development): “iNEXT is our offer for the mobility of the future. There is not, it is only logical that the BMW Vision iNEXT of the world presented to the public as usual. The World Flight is a first logical step.“

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