BMW: WLTP-“transition already largely completed”

The changeover to the new test cycle WLTP farmers is currently preparing many of the car, many a Manager sleepless nights. The necessary certification ensures continuing delivery stops, limited availability and, ultimately, for long waiting times for the customers. Also, the BMW Group is not excluded from the WLTP problems in Munich, but was set up early on a clear strategy: The numbers are usually in large demand models, it should be offered without interruption, while the relatively few European customers have to wait for vehicles such as the especially in the United States sought after BMW M550i xDrive.

This strategy, the BMW when it is known that the months of M550i-interruption and the light early M3 F80 final quite criticism earned, is now in the right place – many other car makers have significantly greater problems with the switch to WLTP, extend even to the work holiday or need to your customers with in-demand models over many months on the date. About the background of the conversion and the main differences between the current NEDC and the new WLTP cycle informed in detail.

At the presentation of the quarterly figures for both the Chairman of the Board Harald Krüger as chief financial officer, Dr. Nicolas Peter on the subject expressed. Harald Krüger:

The conversion of the BMW models on the new test procedure WLTP. The to September planned conversions of several hundred models, with the exception of only a few model variants are in place already. Due to the early Integration of the WLTP conversion in our production and sales planning, we are able to offer our fleet customers the usual product portfolio. The delivery times are, in our models, as usual, three months. In addition, approximately 190 models already meet the exhaust emission standard Euro 6d TEMP.

This predictive Act underlines how we deal with the BMW Group, with customers and in their interest.

Dr. Nicolas Peter confirmed the targets for the current year:

New products in the second half of the year for positive sales momentum. The 5-series in China is fully available. The new X3 is there. Thus, we will double the capacity for X3 and X4 in the medium term, to around 400,000 units per year. In autumn and Winter, the next big start-UPS: with the new X5, the X7, the new 8 and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan more important, are the post powerful models in the Pipeline.

In the WLTP in-conversion, we are in the Plan. The changeover is already completed now for the most part.

Against this Background, we confirm the Guidance for the current year.

We observe the current trade political situation very closely. Would deteriorate the conditions further, we cannot exclude an impact on our forecast, of course.

In the group we expected a result before tax on the previous year’s high level. In the Automotive Segment, we go in spite of the high R&d costs and a strong headwind from the strong Euro, a slight increase in deliveries and sales revenue and an EBIT margin within a corridor of 8 to 10%.

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