BMW X1 Facelift 2019: spy photos show F48 LCI-Cockpit

Prototypes of the BMW X1 Facelift 2019 have been rare up to now, a prototype of the revised, however, was a Compact SUV the same all-round high-resolution caught. And not only that, it is Also a first photo from the Cockpit is the Erlkönig-hunters, what is especially exciting for us. Because exterior to the usual rules of the BMW Group are likely to be: Never change a winning design. Because of the BMW X1 F48 would be the world of a sales record to the next in a hurry, radically changing the Design of a completely unnecessary risk.

This can be seen when looking at the spy photos, because of a Revolution can be no question here. A gently customized front apron with fine-tuning for kidney and headlight inner life shapes the Front of the prototype with the M sport package, at the rear, some retouching to rear-feature lights-interior and aprons. Overall, the Changes to the Exterior in the category “recognizable are likely to fall for connoisseurs”, the most viewers are likely to be the subtly refreshed Design rather unconsciously aware of.

More exciting was the view into the interior, because here we see a significantly enhanced Infotainment Display. As a comparative view in the previous Cockpit (below) shows, the Erlkönig is a significantly wider and also higher Display. The large touch-screen may be considered as an indication that with the BMW X1, new iDrive Facelift functions of the catchment. It is also noticeable from the face lift for the 2 series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer known automatic transmission selector lever as well as the speedometer in a Black Panel Design, we also from a variety of compact-class representatives.

Behind the new automatic gear selector is also in the case of the smaller engine variants of the BMW X1 Facelift is a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the 2017 in place of the previously used torque Converter automatic. All of the engines are brought in the context of the model care up to date, which is within the company. New to the range is the BMW X1 xDrive25e iPerformance, finally also available in Europe Plug-in Hybrid. In the past, there was the Compact SUV as a PHEV, but only in the exclusively for China-built X1 long version.

Sporty drivers can look forward, finally, for a long time hoped-for BMW X1 M35i, the market has a delayed start for various reasons. The M Performance model comes according to our information, with a 306-HP Turbo four-cylinder and, of course, standard all-wheel drive. The technology package for the sport model will debut first in the X2 M35i, will be a little later, but also for the X1 available.

(Prototype-Photos: CarPix)

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