BMW X3 M Video: F97-Erlkönig with reduced camouflage on the Ring

A new spy Video of Automotive Mike gives us many Details of the BMW X3 M F97 better than ever to see and hear. The prototypes in the Video, you see first, a black and later, a silver prototype, with high speed on the Nürburgring Nordschleife on the way and to indicate how serious the M GmbH is The BMW X3 M is to transfer the idea and the Superiority of the M3 into the SUV Segment, and the driving the most active, most agile and fastest Performance-SUV in the middle class.

To hear in the Video several times well the engine is the brand-new BMW S58, which will debut in the X3 M and X4 M, and later on in the next Generation of M3 and M4. The 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder engine comes with twin turbochargers and, at least in the stronger variants of a water injection, as she wore previously, only the heavily modified S55 of the M4 GTS under the hood.

Even if there is currently no specific performance information of the S58, is, of course, clear: The 431 horsepower of the previous base version of the previous engine S55 (only now following in the BMW M2 Competition, a weaker variant with 410 horsepower – the backgrounds are explained Frank van Meel in this Interview) is the successor engine to significantly surpass. So later, there is still enough air for the future, for almost all M models planned Performance remains the variants, we expect the base-S58 with a power rating of 460 HP. A little later, a BMW X3 M Competition could bring the next level of performance, before a day may attack the next Generation of BMW M4 CS or M4 CSL with well over 500 HP.

For the Performance of the new BMW X3 M in 2019, the four-wheel drive M xDrive, however, is at least as important as the engine. The one with the M5, introduced Performance all-wheel-drive differs from the Hardware-side from the ordinary xDrive, opens up thanks to the integrated control device completely new fun options. In a slightly adapted Form of the same technique is also used in the BMW X3 M, and all other upcoming all-wheel-Ms, because the effects on the driving dynamics are not dismissed out of Hand.

Simply put, the Central control provides a device for the control of DSC and xDrive from the first Milli-works second Hand-in-Hand, and not “individually” on certain situations you must react. While in the conventional Setup, both the DSC and the fully-variable torque split for the all-wheel drive system xDrive on an Under – or oversteer to respond and take appropriate counter-measures would have to open a can M xDrive with a concerted action of the components available for a significantly faster and more harmonious solution.

Moreover, in the case of M xDrive in General, more emphasis on driving dynamics than simple traction. At the push of a button, the driver can also select in the BMW X3 M F97 – and in the technically virtually identical to the BMW X4 M F98 – between different modes of operation of the M xDrive and so for a sportier Driving a rear-heavy distribution of force to activate. Both models are already coming in 2019 to the market and to increase sales of the M GmbH noticeable, finally, the Segment of High-Performance middle class was left to SUV so far without a fight competitors such as the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63, Porsche Macan Turbo or Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV.

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