BMW X5 G05: Onboard Video shows Autonomous drive Back

Because cars are getting bigger and bigger and the old Park houses, streets and narrow driveways, refuse to allow the Trend to growth consistently, motorists are increasingly faced with challenges. The question is rather rare, as it comes in a alley or a Parking garage, for forward the majority of drivers can drive your car with precision. But in reverse, the same curve suddenly looks quite different – on the one hand, the lack of Practice, because most people drive significantly less backward than forward. And, of course, the Overview is not the same, rear view camera and bird’s-eye view.

BMW responds to the more and more customer formulated a Problem with a solution, as a foretaste of the benefits of Autonomous driving are understood to be – unpleasant tasks are left to simply the car itself, to the more pleasant parts of the journey take care of you with pleasure own: With a BMW X5 G05 and BMW 8er G15 lead the people of Munich a System, the push of a button, the last driven 50 meters into the exact same lane in reverse.

A private Youtube Video that is obviously built on the site of the BMW driving safety centre in Maisach, shows the new System for the first time in action. Here, a relatively complex circuit that could serve as a proxy for a tight Situation in the center and slowly move forward, no special challenge dangers is. To drive the same route in reverse, touch the touch screen and the release of the brake – and the Problem is solved scores:

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The same technique is of course only for X5 and 8, virtually all of the vehicles can in the future with the clever helper equipped. Just like many other assistance systems, also applies here: You don’t will need every day, but sooner or later you will find yourself in a Situation in which you can increase at least the comfort considerably. The next candidate for Integration of the system are, of course, the big SUV like the BMW X7, G07 and BMW X6 G06, but also other vehicles such as the BMW 7 series Facelift and the upcoming BMW 3-series G20 can the technology benefit.

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