BMW X7: Patent drawings show the Design of the luxury SUV

The Design of the new BMW X7 G07 is revealed to a large extent: Patent drawings show the General form of the language and the various Details of the luxury SUV, which is already the beginning of 2019 for the new crowning of the BMW X family. The Design sketches are available on the Website allthecars showed up, and wearing the typical Look of the Patent drawings – which is why only relatively little to the impact of design in everyday life, I can finally play with paint, rims, and the environment, this is hardly to be underestimated role.

Hardly to assess, for example, the dimensions of the BMW X7, G07, several inches longer than the new X5, G05 and especially in the third row of seats offers significantly more room. As the target audience for the luxury SUV looks like and where BMW the vehicle in the relevant quantities to sell, we have in Interview with X7-project Manager Dr. Jörg Wunder discussed.

Officially, the BMW X7 will be unveiled either at the Paris auto salon in 2018 in October or a little later in the context of the L. A. Auto Show in 2018. Los Angeles would not only be with a view to the expected main market is a logical choice, BMW would secure the X7, so additional attention: The attention of most visitors and the press are likely to be focused in Paris rather on other, more important, BMW innovations.

The BMW X7 2019 is going and what the customers else offers may, we were already a couple of weeks ago for a Pre-drive report in camouflaged X7-prototype to explore. In the process, we also learn many Details about the technology, for example, for two-axle air-suspension and the likely motors.

(Design sketches: allthecars)

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