BMW X7: this Video shows the new luxury SUV in the desert

With a new Teaser Video, the anticipation should be increased on the new BMW X7 G07. The luxury SUV will be presented this year and celebrates the beginning of 2019 its market launch. In the Teaser Video, we see the X7 as a camouflaged prototype during testing in the desert and you can get an impression of the conditions under which the upcoming coronation of the X-range to prove already had.

Thanks to two-axle air suspension the ground clearance for off-road can be enlarged inserts to several inches, between the lowest and the highest Position a full eight inches. Thus, the BMW X7 routes to cope with the all the previous SUV models of the brand in front of large problems – which is quite an announcement, finally, of the previous BMW X5 skiable slopes in Namibia conceivable far from normal roads.

In addition to its off-road capabilities of the BMW X7 brings in first-class conditions for paved roads. BMW sees in him not less than the Transfer of the 7-approach to the SUV Segment: Outstanding comfort, advanced technology, superior motors, and a generous range of space to meet the freedom to be away from known roads.

Of course, is that the interior is significantly more spacious than in the 7 series for the Car Segment, including a third-row seat with enough space to be able to the two adult occupants on long journeys comfortable ride. Depending on the selected configuration, the BMW X7 is coming in the second row with two individual seats or a bench seat with third seat in the middle, which makes him the seven-seater.

The BMW X7 on American roads travels, and what the technology installed in the vehicle, in our Pre-ride report. More Wallpapers are in our Interview with X7-project Manager Dr. Jörg miracle.

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