BMW Z4 Coupé: Photoshop design shows G29 as a coupe

The relationship of the BMW Z4 G29 and Toyota Supra J29 is set some ambitious hobbyists sooner or later faced with an exciting question: How difficult is it to cross the new Supra with the Front of the Z4 and a new BMW Z4 coupe on the wheels? As such a vehicle after the tag is viewed from the side could look like, shows us a current Photoshop design from X-Tomi.Design.

In practice, the hurdles for a modification of the Toyota Supra are located in the direction of the BMW Z4 Coupé, however, are significantly higher than in the case of Photoshop. Despite the technical Similarity, it is practically excluded that elements such as front apron, bonnet, side skirts and doors can be made via a Plug & Play swap – and, above all, that creates a harmonious overall picture.

The chances for an official new edition of the BMW Z4 Coupé according to the current state is also low. What is clear is that the new BMW Z4 is celebrating its market launch as a Roadster, while the new Toyota Supra comes initially as a coupe on the market. Rumors, that from the face lift, also the other body variant for the Z4 and Supra-follows, appeared alternately as a foregone conclusion or as a result of a thriving fantasy.

What is clear is that A BMW Z4 Coupé would be exactly like a Toyota Supra Roadster is technically not a challenge, and can be easily implemented if the will is there. In contrast, the interests of BMW and Toyota may have: In the framework of the cooperation, the Japanese have ordered a sports car as a coupe, it is not disputed to be related extremely closely with the Z4. It should stay with the strict separation of the Roadster and coupe on the other hand, would at least be a mutual cannibalization of the two technology-siblings as well as excluded.

Hope our Interview with Z4 product Manager Andreas Ederer: On the question of a possible Z4 coupe came out, at least not a definite refusal, but a little rest of hope allow sentence: “This is currently not planned.”

Why so many people would be happy about a new edition of the BMW Z4 Coupé that shows our photo galleries for timeless predecessor, the Generation E86 – Z4 3.0 si and Z4 M coupe:

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