BMW Z4 G29 in Melbourne Red: New photos show fabric top

Many of the photos of the new BMW Z4 Roadster G29 are already since days known in the context of the world premiere BMW has but a few more photos provided. To see a BMW Z4 M40i is in Melbourne Red with black Design Details that belong to the Shadow Line with extended contents. Even more exciting is that we get to see for the first time, the fabric hood of the new BMW Z4 G29, and also to make a first impression by the Look of the Roadster with the roof closed.

The fabric hood of the BMW Z4 in comparison to the three-part metal folding roof of its predecessor, two key benefits that have ultimately resulted in a change of course in the case of BMW: It is lighter than the previous solution and does not reduce the trunk volume in the open state. While the Luggage space of its predecessor when the top is down, it was always a matter for avid Tetris player, the trunk is now always the same size. The same reasons will also ensure that the BMW 4 series convertible G23 with a soft top on the market.

The textile top of the BMW Z4 G29 is available with an optional silver effect enhanced by incorporated threads and we already from the BMW 2er Cabrio F23 . What colors are available for the Z4 to choose from, want a BMW at 19. September – until about two weeks before the European Premiere in Paris, to be communicated further Details on the G29, so that the attention in Pebble Beach, concentrating fully on the First Edition.

In addition to the BMW Z4 M40i with 340 HP is also weaker variants with four-cylinder are planned. We assume that at least a BMW Z4 sDrive30i with around 260 HP occurs for the market launch in March 2019 at the side of the M40i, and later also entry-level models with just under 200 HP are conceivable. All Z4-shanks are equipped with rear-wheel drive, neither the offer of all-wheel drive models, a Diesel variant planned for the next time.

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