BMW Z4 G29: More photos with the roof closed,

In the context of the Premiere of the BMW Z4 G29 First Edition appeared in Pebble Beach also has some interesting photos that show the Roadster with a closed canvas hood. The new roof of the two-seater should not only meet the highest demands on the acoustic comfort, it is also especially nice. The linkage of the roof construction can be seen in the photos only, compared to the fabric roofs a few years ago, the current solution seems, therefore, clearly of high quality. On request, BMW used a fabric with integrated silver threads, which leave the roof, yet a noble act.

Compared to the metal folding roof of the previous Generation E89, the fabric soft top of the BMW Z4 G29 offers mainly two major advantages: It is a critical point of the vehicle is easier, because of course the lightest possible weight at the highest point of the vehicle is particularly relevant for the focus. The fabric is not wearing a roof, the BMW Z4 G29 is only around 50 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, but also have a lower center of gravity.

The second major advantage relates to the volume of the trunk, which was the predecessor is a constant point of criticism. Although the trunk was big enough for short weekend trips, but he demanded to often trade-offs or, at least, a lot of skill to Pack. At the latest when planning longer trips also experienced Roadster came driver to the limits of feasibility, if not the entire route should be driven with the roof closed. The new BMW Z4 G29, it makes its occupants, in this respect, much easier: The boot also keeps open a fabric soft-top of its full size.

The first customers are allowed to convince themselves, starting in March 2019 of the advantages of the soft-top, then the First Edition of the BMW Z4 M40i is celebrating its market launch. A little later other variants will follow, including a cheaper entry-level models like the new BMW Z4 sDrive30i with a four-cylinder engine. The Pebble Beach shown paintwork in Frozen Orange Metallic, however, will remain the only M40i available First Edition reserved.


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