BMW Z4 G29: product Manager Andreas Ederer in an Interview

All the Details of the new Z4 G29 would BMW even after the Premiere of the First Edition in Pebble Beach, yet not reveal, but in our Interview, delivers, product Manager, Andreas Ederer at least a few more hints for the positioning and the technology package of the new Roadster. Of course, it’s also about the collaboration with Toyota and the proximity to the Supra-J29, which was completely developed by BMW for the Japanese.

The next big Info-Portion of the BMW Z4 G29 want to be in Munich on may 19. September, a few days before the European Premiere at the Paris auto salon in 2018. What may be said, in our Interview. Before us is the third Generation of the BMW Z4. The previous generations were very different — first of all, a sporty and sharp, and then more sporty, comfortable. Where do you see the suspension tuning of the new G29 in this kind of analysis?
Andreas Ederer: The new BMW Z4 is a true sports car, but is also capable of the comfortable gait. He is not only the Roadster for the trip on Sunday afternoon, but especially for the Sunday morning, without any restrictions. The previous E89 suffered in the trade press frequently criticized for a lack of momentum once. There was such Feedback from the customers?
Andreas Ederer: the sporty customers, who knew the first Z4, there was quite a few critical votes. But the majority was satisfied with the vote, and the positioning of the Roadster. Can you name some measures, which contribute directly to the increase of the driving dynamics of the new BMW Z4 G29?
Andreas Ederer: these are the geometric alignment of front axle and rear axle, but the wheel diameter and tires. So we have the BMW Z4 M40i with the M sport differential, Adaptive M sport suspension, M sport brakes and High-Performance tires driving compiled dynamically an extreme sport-fitting package. The us a few months ago driven , and now in Pebble Beach presented the BMW Z4 M40i is a M Performance automobile. So far, M Performance also for high suitability for everyday use, many M-components in the suspension. How does it come to this change of course?
Andreas Ederer: This is due basically to the General positioning of the new Z4. The alignment is just very athletic, which is why the M Performance model a little more sportiness has to offer. unlike in the direct predecessor, the new Z4 Roadster is wearing a hood just like the first Generation of a substance. How does this constant Back and Forth?
Andreas Ederer: The BMW Roadster since the 90s, actually, always be for the pure Interpretation of the Roadster. We started in the Z3 with a fabric top, the first Z4 also had the hood of a substance, then we are changed in the predecessor, for various reasons, the Hardtop. This offers advantages, but reduces the Luggage compartment volume and increases the weight. After we left with the overall orientation of the new BMW Z4 again in the sportier direction, the fabric soft top is the better choice. Add to this that modern BMW fabric roofs in the materiality and the properties have become significantly high quality and comfortable. We have also in the closed state, a very beautiful and dynamic shape. The canopy provides a significant weight advantage, and we provide the customer with the same Luggage compartment volume in the open as in the closed state. Now you have raised the issue of weight. Can you tell me something to the overall weight of the new Z4 M40i compared to the Z4 sDrive35is by the previous Generation?
Andreas Ederer: As an order of magnitude, one can speak of 50 kilograms less weight. Could be lowered along with the weight of the focus?
Andreas Ederer: Yes, among other things, thanks to the lighter top of the center of gravity is still lower than in the previous. it is Known that the BMW Z4 G29 was jointly developed with the new Toyota Supra J29. How did it come to this for BMW is a very unusual partnership?
Andreas Ederer: This is a part of the well-known cooperation with Toyota. Toyota has ordered a sports car as a coupe, we have developed in accordance with the order. How independently the two vehicles will be? I get with the Supra, de facto, a Z4 in the Toyota-dress?
Andreas Ederer: We have developed, as I said a vehicle for Toyota. What makes Toyota so, is in the hands of the colleagues from Japan. it is Very obvious that the Toyota Supra will come out as a coupe on the market, while the Z4 is a Roadster. It is conceivable that one day we will see a new edition of the BMW Z4 coupe?
Andreas Ederer: This is not currently planned. An important question for the purist driver, the transmission is. We will continue to have a hand switch or put the gear to cover the area of automatic?
Andreas Ederer: We will be offering all models with the well-known 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission. The subject hand switches to many of the disadvantages in consumption brings, as well as the sportiness. What do you say to readers who get your hopes up on a new edition of the BMW Z4 M Roadster?
Andreas Ederer: We start first with the BMW Z4 M40i, on other variants, we can’t talk at this point in time. Generally speaking, the Roadster was not blessed with numbers-Segment for years, with large pieces, the sales figures are developing downwards rather than upwards. It is against this Background, any sense at all to bring a new Roadster on the market?
Andreas Ederer: The Numbers are one thing. We have noticed quite a Trend in many customers with their vehicle want to reward. A Roadster so it fits very well in this modern Mindset. In addition, we have for many Roadster generations of a clientele, we want to keep also in the future with attractive products on Board. And with the very dynamic driving orientation of the Z4 fits perfectly with the BMW brand and the much-vaunted Driving pleasure. So you expect to pay in total, a larger piece than the predecessor?
Andreas Ederer: We do not speak in principle about future sales numbers, but thanks to the sporty realignment of the BMW Z4 and its outstanding product substance very confident. Plug-in Hybrids, electric cars and Autonomous Driving many bounce is currently dominating lines on the theme of the car. The extent to which these major issues of the time play in the Roadster Segment, a role – or it is decoupled completely?
Andreas Ederer: at The present time, it is too early to talk about other variants. But in the area of assistance systems is also a purist car like the Z4 will move to a completely different positioned vehicle, say an X3?
Andreas Ederer: We have, of course, important driver assistance systems on Board. The offer includes, among other things, the Active cruise control with Stop & Go function, lane change and lane departure warning and Park assist including a reversing assistant. The new BMW Z4 is also the first Roadster, which can be equipped with a Head-Up Display. Who is the main competitor of the new Z4? The Supra, Mercedes SLC, Audi TT or Porsche Boxster?
Andreas Ederer: In the Premium Segment, there is only a small number of competitors. Including the one or the other, as you mentioned, the vehicle is located. Price is going to move the BMW Z4 G29 also on this level?
Andreas Ederer: Please understand that we can say at this point in time nothing about the prices, because the vehicle start-up has until March 2019 to its market. This is a shame, but understandable. Thanks for the informative interview!

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