BMW Z4 G29: Teaser shows new kidney with Nuggets instead of striving

An exciting Design Detail of the new BMW Z4 Roadster G29 are his kidneys: for the First time in a series production BMW Munich renounce the pursuit of the typical vertical and rely instead on the “Nuggets” called elements. The game with the inner life of the kidneys we have in the past on many Concept Cars such as the Zagato Z4 seen, now find the Alternative to the well-known struts-Look for the first time, the way in the series.

Already a few months ago presented the BMW Z4 Concept and the prototypes for the last time, carried the kidney with the distinctive Nuggets, according to our information, the new Design will be find but definitely also the way to the series production vehicle. The final confirmation of this we will receive at the latest on 23. August 2018, when the open-top two-seater made its world premiere at the Concours d’elegance Pebble Beach celebrates.

Since our Pre-ride report of the BMW Z4 G29 is also already known that the Roadster is completely different than its immediate predecessor to be positioned. With a fine chassis technology from the current Generation of M3 and M4, the developers raise the G29 a the drive dynamic Level achieved by the previous never. The third Z4 comes from the emotional point of view, the succession of the first than of the second Z4-Generation and solves the fun-promise, which is to be a sharp Design, with emphasis.

At the market launch in the spring of 2019, especially the powerful M Performance model BMW Z4 M40i Roadster is planned, the focus is on including also the weaker four-cylinder, however, are variants. Even if from the point of view of enthusiasts, everything speaks for the Top model with six-cylinder, cheaper models like the Z4 sDrive30i with an estimated approximately 252 HP for many customers, the financially more achievable Option and therefore ultimately more attractive Option.

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