BMW Z4 Roadster: Leak photos show G29 standing

Also the BMW Z4 Roadster has now met the fate of countless innovations of the last years: Three Leak-photos show virtually all of the essential Details of the G29, which is to be unveiled in a few days, in the framework of the Concours d’elegance Pebble Beach. In the first photo is a Frontal shot, which reveals, among other things, the Design of kidney, headlights and front bumper. The red-painted Z4 shines with some elements in high-gloss Black, indicating a Shadow Line with extended contents, or a comparable package.

Two other photos show the side view and the rear of the same vehicle, and ventilate so that these secrets. We can see the proportions with the centrally positioned occupant, which results in comparison to the predecessor to a shorter Front and a longer rear section. Black rims and a black Air Breather Element on the front fender set dark accents. The sharp diagonal line in the front fenders together with other joints for a stylized Z in the side view.

At the rear of the shown BMW Z4 M40i wears a more aggressive bumper with vertical air outlets on the sides, a diffuser Element in the middle and two trapezoidal tailpipes. In the trunk-hood is a Hexkspoiler is integrated in the houses at the same time the third brake light. The very slim rear lights emphasise the width of the vehicle and have a clear L-shape, which makes the Z4 even at night, at first glance, is instantly recognisable as BMW.

To identify from all perspectives clearly, the proximity to the BMW Z4 Concept, which was unveiled a year ago at Pebble Beach. Not only in the General proportions, also in the kidney and the shape of the headlights and taillights of the series-Z4 closely oriented to the study. The aprons and the exterior mirror were defused, as expected, and are now a little less aggressive, but with adjustments in this scale was expected from the beginning.

As the new BMW Z4 Roadster driving, we were allowed to test already a few weeks ago in Miramas. Our Z4 G29 Pre-ride report delivers many of the answers to the technology of the BMW Z4 M40i, the M Performance model is almost a full-fledged M is.


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