Caught: BMW-the driver’s hidden flag on the push of a button

To protect yourself from speed cameras and other Trouble with the police, some motorists on exciting ideas – which sometimes backfire. The police in upper Franconia, has now discovered a rather curious case, and it is also the same in a press release shared with the world: The officials caught a black BMW X5, which was apparently without a front license plate on the road. They stopped the vehicle for a check, when the flag was suddenly seen again.

Only at closer Inspection the reason becomes clear: in Front of the license plate, the driver had attached a kind of blind, he was able to drive by remote control on the push of a button up or down. So, he was able to anonymize the Front of his BMW X5 at any time without fear of speed cameras or distance checks on the highway. Only with the mobile officials the man had not expected, apparently, because a vehicle without a number plate at the Front falls police officers immediately catch the eye.

In the case of the James Bond and other films, reminiscent of the Trick the police mind anyway, no fun: indicator of abuse, the accusation that earned the driver a display. Other traffic violations are in the audit. That the driver was guilty, and admitted, with the indicator-shutter “unpleasant images” deal, is likely to help him. The illegal device to the license plate holder was removed and the officials assured.

How fast is the shutter of the plate holder with the BMW M-colors, opened and closed, shows a short Video of the police upper Franconia:

(Photo: Police Upper Franconia)

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