Cross on the Ring: BMW M850i coupe in Drift-use

In principle, the new BMW 8 G15 and the provisional Top model M850i for several weeks revealed, in the framework of the 24 hours of Le Mans, we were able to lots of photos from the launch color Barcelona Blue and the bold Sunset Orange . Shots that show off the sporty luxury coupe in the Drift, but, as yet, lack of goods, which is why we see in the case of the following Videos about the camouflage of the vehicle, and instead just want to enjoy.

To see right at the beginning of the video, we used the prototype many times in the Drift at the entrance to the Nürburgring Nordschleife, which uses BMW’s are known for decades for testing of chassis and drives. Of course, the tuning of the electronic control systems plays a role: DSC & co. to protect the driver and other traffic participants against accidents, but not the fun of driving get in the way.

A successful vote includes thresholds, therefore, as a Rule, the slight Drifts in order to permit and not any hint of driving dynamics, already nipped in the Bud – otherwise it would disable a lot of dynamically-oriented customers, rule systems completely and without the Need of the electronic protective sheath free. From this point of view, Drifts on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, because the vote of the DTC needs to be tested thresholds mode with increased Rule, of course, also Be intervention in time to prevent a screwdriver – but not too early so as not to inhibit the fun of the controlled Übersteuerns?

In the 530-HP BMW M850i xDrive all-wheel drive is, unlike in the M5 F90, and unlike the upcoming BMW M8 – not on the push of a button to disable. The principle is very tail-heavy distribution of power of the fully variable all-wheel drive is allowed but, apparently, still easily Drifts when the driver creates it:

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