DTM 2018: Eriksson wins at Misano, Zanardi is the fifth

The night race to the DTM 2018 in Misano have supplied for BMW in a number of ways reason to be happy. After the BMW M4 DTM had on Saturday a strong Pace, and fit on Sunday, in changing conditions all together: Joel Eriksson started on a drying track as the only driver on Slicks and was rewarded for his courage: With 20 years Eriksson was crowned the youngest rider to win for BMW is a race in the DTM. Extremely impressive also, the Pace of guest starter Alex Zanardi, who let his Handicaps brakes, and a completely unexpected 5. Rank came to the finish.

Less well the weekend was for BMW Motorsport with a view to the championship, because neither Marco Wittmann is still Timo Glock could start in Misano, is an attack on the leadership in the drivers ‘ standings and had to watch instead, as their residue on the top was even bigger. Also in the manufacturers ‘ championship, BMW was able to call in Misano no value step forward, finally, the front seats were occupied on Saturday by other brands. Also in the successful Sunday’s only winner Eriksson and Bruno Spengler on the eleventh place points for BMW holten, Alex Zanardi was a guest starter from outside the standings.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “I’m incredibly proud of Joel. Congratulations on your first DTM victory! With 20 years he is the second youngest DTM winner of all time. We are going to celebrate now. Alex Zanardi will be in the same race, with its 51 years, the Fifth, is simply incredible. He made the entire weekend a great Job. After we were yesterday rewarded for our courageous strategy, we have had today, a little bit of luck on our side. Actually, it’s not more of rain in the race at all. But with this prediction, all located next to it. So it was a pretty chaotic race, with a good output for us. A pity that behind Joel and Alex, the more of our drivers in the Top-10 came. Nevertheless, we are now trying to take this Momentum with us to the N├╝rburgring.“

Stefan Reinhold (team principal, BMW Team RMG): “I am very pleased for Bart Mampaey and the guys from BMW Team RBM. Congratulations on your victory! For us, it was just not a good weekend. All of our drivers were involved in incidents. Also, we had no luck with the strategy. To be for a possible Safety Car period well prepared we were this morning at the Box. This tactic is not risen.“

Marco Wittmann (#11 BMW Driving Experience, the M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG – Qualifying result: 6. Place Race Result: 13. Place, points: 112): “I had a fantastic Start and was even ranked two, as Loic Duval came up from behind me in the side. Had a puncture, which ruined my race early on. We have changed at the onset of rain just in time for the tire, but my backlog was already too large. Congratulations to Joel for the win! Now he is allowed to throw a Party.“

Augusto Farfus (#15 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG – Qualifying result: 14. Place race result: DNF, points: 40): “it was again a crazy race. Actually, it ran okay for me, but then I’m easily touched by another vehicle in the rear. Not hard, but in the slippery conditions, that was enough to force me into a spin. Thus, the accident arose.“

Timo Glock (#16 DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR – Qualifying result: 9. Place Race Result: 15. Place, points: 107): “I actually had a very good Start and was in fourth place. Strategically, we have made the wrong decision, as we are to come early, and on Slicks have changed. So the race was gone.“

Bart Mampaey (team principal, BMW Team RBM): “Joel is started as the Only one on Slicks. That’s why he was at the beginning quite slow on-the-go. The weather was On both yesterday and today is a constant up and down. We have, therefore, used in all three vehicles with different strategies. The engineers and mechanics have done a fantastic Job. Joel did a great job, the car on the track and kept the victory brought home. Thank you to the entire Team, and to BMW.“

Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM – Qualifying result: 18. Place Race Result: 11. Place, points: 44): “Unfortunately, I had two races in the rain poker is a bit of bad luck. On Saturday, the strategy was right, but the Safety Car came at the wrong time. Today I changed very early on Slicks and had to come back in, as the rain began again. Ultimately, space eleven, and a point in the drivers ‘ standings is okay, considering that I came from starting position 18. Congratulations to Alex on his superb result today, and of course to Joel to his first DTM victory.“

Philipp Eng (#25 SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR – Qualifying result: 16. Place Race Result: 16. Place, points: 87): “Today we were not lucky with the strategy that helped us yesterday. According to the result. Now I hope it runs again next Time better.“

Joel Eriksson (#47 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM – Qualifying result: 12. Place, Race Result: 1. Place, points: 52): “I’m just speechless. I dream of a victory in the DTM, since I was a kid. Now I’m standing up here on the Podium and not know what to say. This feels kind of unreal. We have entered into with our strategy is a risk, and it was really hard to keep the car on the track, as it began to rain again. But today was just our day. It should be so, that I celebrate my first DTM victory. This is incredible.“

Alessandro Zanardi (#12 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR – Qualifying result: 19. Place Race Result: 5. Place): “five, this is the best punch line of the weekend. I’ll take this result very much, at least I will not have my age too many occasions to celebrate such successes in racing. I was in the race with a very good Speed and didn’t know what I should do, as a slower driver in front of me appeared (laughs). Seriously: I am very grateful that was given to me by BMW Motorsport for this possibility. You have always believed that I can do this. This trust is a great gift and I am happy that I was able to justify it. Many thanks also to the DTM family that has welcomed me with open arms. I’m going to wear this weekend, always in my heart. It has lasted 51 years, until I was able to do that – but at least I have experienced it (laughs).“

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