Erlkönig-Video: the new BMW M340i G20


The new BMW M340i G20 makes himself warm, and its market launch is finally planned for the spring of 2019. A recent spy Video from the Nürburgring Nordschleife shows the first M Performance model based on the BMW 3-series G20 for its test drives and gives a good impression of the Sound of the inline six-cylinder engine. The BMW B58 will make the BMW M340i expected to be 360 HP, a little more power in a new expansion stage of the engine, but it is not excluded also.

The preliminary Top model of the new 3-series Generation to compete against the Premium athletes among the mid-size sedans against the BMW so far no direct competitors in the program had: In the sights of Mercedes-AMG, C 43, and the Audi S4. As M explains in the name, not the BMW M340i in every way more dynamics than a regular 3er, but it is so consistent on the race tracks-use trimmed as the upcoming BMW M3.

Just like all the 3P G20 also comes from the BMW M340i with a can be a damping system, under all conditions, and superior road contact. The suspension is also likely to be compared to the M sport suspension again refined. Already the M suspension compared to the series with stiffer Bearings and stabilizers, stiffer springs and additional body braces for more rigidity. A variable sport steering and the electronically controlled M differential lock on the rear axle round out the high-quality chassis package, with the help of the BMW 3-series G20 undisputed driving fun king of the middle class.

On the side of the first BMW M340i already in 2019, the first BMW M340d xDrive with over 300 horsepower in-line six-cylinder Diesel. While the competition is limited in the medium-class four-cylinder Diesel, will BMW continue to offer a really powerful self-igniter, and all those address, the return every year, many kilometres and a cost-effective, but also entertaining solution. M340d-customers can look forward to a minimum of 326 HP and a generous torque plateau.

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